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Hail the King Chapter 818.2

Chapter 818: Truly Arrogant (Part Two)

Just as Glazer thought that the destruction of [Cauldron-Casting Shop] was set in stone, something unexpected happened.

Boom! Right after the loud noise, gasps sounded from the side.

Glazer turned around and saw that Five-Star Warrior on his side kneeling in front of a young man in white; he had never seen this young man before.

That warrior on his side kneeled so hard that two large dents could be seen on the crack stone floor, and blood flowed out of his knees and slowly filled the spider-web-like cracks.

Even an idiot would know what was going on.

When Kane just walked downstairs, Glazer saw this young man in white. However, he ignored this young man, thinking that the latter was only an insignificant servant. Therefore, he was surprised to find out now that this young man was a powerful master.

For some reason, a bad feeling appeared in his mind, and he couldn’t stop it from spreading.

Grace Ellen gasped at the scene; she didn’t expect Fei to be such a powerful master.

Although she didn’t have any warrior energy or magic energy, and she had no supernatural abilities to sense the pressure that only warriors and mages could detect, her crisp instinct told her that this handsome young man had unparalleled strength.

The people in the crowd were more shocked.

This young man with the aquiline nose was one of the most powerful masters in Talon City, and his nickname was [City-Burning Finger]. His fire-elemental warrior energy was impressive, and people said that he could burn an entire city with just the power in his finger. Of course, it was an exaggeration, but there was no doubt that he was the most powerful in the city when it came to the use of fire elements. His fire-elemental combat techniques were ferocious, and he had killed many famous masters without losing a single fight.

However, such a master was instantly crushed by one glance from this mysterious black-haired young man in white. Now, [City-Burning Finger] kneeled on the ground like a dying animal, and no one would have believed it if they didn’t see it with their own eyes.


An insane master!

The people who were here for drama were excited, and they started to gossip.

They thought that Glazer was going to crush [Cauldron-Casting Shop] and become the most popular weapon shop in Talon City again, but such a powerful master appeared and stood by Kane. Now, they knew that they were in for a treat.

“Hahaha, it turns out that I have misjudged you. Friend, who are you? Why do you want to get involved in the conflict only between [Blade-Washing Shop] and [Cauldron-Casting Shop]?” Old fox Glazer’s lips twitched, and he said to Fei with a bright smile.

However, Fei didn’t even look at him.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!!!!!

As the king walked forward, an invisible energy rushed out of his body, and everyone in the hall felt like the air was being pushed out of the shop. Before they could realize what was going on, they heard a series of muffled noises.

As if giant mountains fell onto their backs, the warriors in red inside the shop suddenly kneeled and couldn’t even look up, and their faces changed color. They were trying hard not to collapse onto the ground completed, but they couldn’t even let out a scream.

“The order from the Castellan? Good. Then, let him come here and announce the order himself! I want to know which law of the empire did [Cauldron-Casting Shop] break. Why must they all be arrested and interrogated?” Fei asked with a serious expression.

Then, he glanced around, looked past Glazer who looked embarrassed and angry at the center of the hall, and said to one of the anxious military officers, “You, go and fetch that supreme Castellan.”

As Fei said that, he waved his hand, and that military officer flew out of the door and smashed onto the street.

After getting up, this military officer didn’t dare to say anything and disappeared into the crowd anxiously.

Then, Fei looked at Kane and the guards of [Cauldron-Casting Shop]. With a slight frown, he said, “Why are you still standing here? Go and block the door! Don’t let anyone leave and kill anyone who dares to try! Calculate how much money the shop lost and let them compensate ten times the price!”

The people in the crowd gasped subconsciously.

“This is truly arrogant! Compared with this black-haired young man in white, Glazer’s arrogance is child’s play,” they thought.

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