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Hail the King Chapter 819.1

Chapter 819: The Castellan Is Here (Part One)

Since the ruler of the [Letter Office] was willing to step up and take care of the situation, it was the best scenario in Kane’s mind. He knew that no one in Talon City could rival with the ruler, so he wasn’t worried at all. Therefore, he turned around and gave a few orders. The guards and workers at [Cauldron-Casting Shop] were excited, and they divided the crowd and guarded the windows and doors, stopping anyone from leaving.

It was finally time for them to vent their frustration.

Although Manager Kane was calculative and rarely made mistakes, he lacked a dominating presence. When facing [Blade-Washing Shop]’s provocations, he continued to back off and reserve strength. Even though it seemed like the correct decision, it was frustrating.

This black-haired young man in white was mysterious to them, but his overbearing and direct style made them feel thrilled.

At this point, almost everyone was able to tell that the status Fei had in [Cauldron-Casting Shop] was higher than Manager Kane. Many people already started to guess that this young man might be the mysterious owner of [Cauldron-Casting Shop].

Since the situation changed drastically, it made old and bald Glazer feel awkward.

“This… hehe, Friend, there is no need for such trouble. If we bother the Castellan, the military force might even get involved. It won’t be good for either of us. Today, it is us [Blade-Washing Shop] who did things rashly, and we will compensate for all the losses that we caused. How about we end it here?”

Even though Glazer was furious, he couldn’t do anything but to hold back his emotions and submit to Fei.

To this old fox, dignity was worthless. He had lived in this cold world that was ruled by the law of the jungle for a long time, and he knew when he should be arrogant and when he should be soft. He instantly realized that this young man who suddenly appeared was far more powerful than everyone on his side, so it was better off for him to pretend to be nice. Then, he could go back and re-strategize.

In his mind, he would get back at this young man sooner or later and obtain the payback with interest.

However, Fei didn’t even look at him.

This time, everyone in the audience knew what was happening. They realized that this young man didn’t ignore Glazer due to fear; it was this young man’s way of saying, ‘Who the f*ck are you? You aren’t qualified to talk to me!’

Seeing this, almost everyone couldn’t hold back the laughter. Glazer was one of the bullies in the city, and most people didn’t like him. Now, he finally got owned, and the people who were once bullied by him were all excited.

Glazer couldn’t do anything, so he had to swallow the shame. As various expressions flashed on his face, he wanted to cut Fei into pieces and devour his flesh. However, he held everything inside and smiled, trying to show his gentle side to Fei.

After all, a wise man wouldn’t act irrationally and fall into a trap.

“Ah!… Roar!” At this moment, that giant man behind Glazer couldn’t hold it in anymore.

His Six-Star warrior energy was fully unleashed, and the energy flames enveloped his body as if he were being burned. He casually grabbed a weapon off the floor, and the weapon that was made from purified iron got instantly turned into reddish-black liquid. As this liquid dripped onto the ground with green smokes, black holes appeared on the stone floor.

This scene was shocking to a lot of people, and the crowd gasped. To the ordinary people and low-level warriors, this scene was even more terrifying than the invisible pressure that was coming off Fei.

After doing all that, this strong man sneered and provoked, “Mr. Glazer is willing to settle this with you, and you should feel lucky. What are you being arrogant about? I have seen people who are more arrogant than you, and they were all arrested and captured. Guess what happened to them? Their limbs were cut off, and their genitals were severed as well. In the end, they begged for mercy like poor dogs. If you don’t want to die too gruesomely, just let us leave, and this will be it! Huh!”

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