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Hail the King Chapter 819.2

Chapter 819: The Castellan Is Here (Part Two)

Fei finally turned around to look at this man, and he shook his head and said, “It is a pity.”

The strong man was stunned, and he asked, “What do you mean?”

“It is a pity that you have the strength of a powerful warrior. You are a Six-Star Warrior, and you are in the middle-to-top tier Star-level. Even if you can’t be a hero, you can be a good mercenary and earn a living that way. However, you decided to work for bad people and create trouble for others. It is a pity that you are like a slave to a low-life!”

“You… you are seeking death!” This strong man was enraged, and he tried to grab Fei’s neck quickly with energy flames around him.

The girls such as Ellen finally calmed down a little, but they gasped again at this scene.

Fei smiled and blew out a mouthful of air.

Something unimaginable occurred!

The terrifying energy flames around this Six-Star Warrior suddenly became very fragile. The energy flames were enough to melt iron, but they were completely extinguished by this young man’s light blow as if they were faint candlelight.

His body froze for a second, and this giant man was also blown away by at least four to five meters. After smashing onto the ground and landing by [City-Burning Finger]’s feet, he started to cry in pain as if he were a pig that was being slaughtered. “Ah! No! AHHH! My warrior energy! Why can’t I feel anything? You… you are too cruel! You destroyed my warrior energy star swirls. You destroyed my future!”

This giant man shouted and tried to get up, but he wasn’t able to and looked like his muscles were gone.

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Everyone’s mouth opened wide, and the sound of saliva dripping onto the ground could be heard. What was happening in front of them was beyond their imagination.

“One light puff of air is enough to destroy a Six-Star Warrior who is one of the top masters in the city. Is this young man in white a god?” people thought to themselves.

After blowing the air, Fei said lightly, “Since you are not putting the Six-Star Warrior Energy into good use, I will take it back.”

Glazer was scared right now.

The last bit of desire for revenge disappeared in his mind, and he wished that he wasn’t here in [Cauldron-Casting Shop] today. He wanted to believe that what was happening was just a nightmare so that all of this would disappear when he reopened his eyes.

Unfortunately, this nightmare was continuing. The black-haired young man in white was beyond powerful, and he was direct and merciless as well.

Now, Glazer knew that he kicked an iron board this time, and even Castellan Henry couldn’t do anything if he got here.

“Destroying a Six-Star Warrior with only one puff of air? How powerful must he be?” Even though Glazer didn’t know any combat techniques, he was sure that no one in Talon City was able to rival this young man.

At this moment, Glazer didn’t want the Castellan to get here.

“That greedy b*stard is vicious and views his dignity as something really important; he can’t bend and act soft like me. If he offends this powerful master, the entire Talon City would bleed! My life would be under threat as well!” Glazer thought to himself.

At this moment, a series of metal-gliding noises sounded.

As people gasped, the crowd moved aside quickly to make a path.

Teams of soldiers in shining armor rushed through the street and surrounded [Cauldron-Casting Shop] like a red flood. Then, a team of cavaliers charged over with their weapons raised. A murderous spirit instantly appeared in the area.

That military officer who was knocked away by Fei and left without daring to say a word had now changed into fancy magic armor and rode a white horse.

As he dashed forward, he shouted in high spirits and led the way.

“The Castellan is here! The Castellan is here!”

He had gotten Castellan Henry, the person who was behind all of this, to come.

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