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Hail the King Chapter 821.1

Chapter 821: Solving the Issue (Part One)

At this moment, everyone realized the real strength of the mysterious master inside the building.

Now, everyone’s mind turned blank, and they felt like their brains weren’t capable of processing this information.

This was a super shocking moment. Everything that happened before told everyone that this black-haired young man in white was a master, but they didn’t expect him to be on that level; they had no clue that he was a Sun-Class Lord who could fly anywhere in the world, move land, and fill oceans.

A Sun-Class Lord was invincible in people’s minds.

At least in the history of Talon City, a Sun-Class Lord had never appeared.

Right now, that golden sun image in the sky made everyone have a hard time breathing.

On the Azeroth Continent, warriors in each realm had their own unique way of showing their power.

The Star-Level Warriors could use their warrior energy to create star swirls above their heads, and the Moon-Class Elites could form images of a moon that had different levels of fullness.

The bright sun that everyone was seeing right now didn’t give off much pressure, but that pure visual shock was enough to let everyone know that this young man was a Sun-Class Lord.

Even though there was no suffocating pressure, the soldiers didn’t need the commands from their officers or worry about what the Castellan was thinking. They all dropped their weapons and kneeled, not daring to raise their heads.

This was the level of respect that a true master deserved.

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A Sun-Class Lord was like a god to Talon City, and there was no way that they could defeat him. Even in the eyes of the Royal Family of Leon, a Sun-Class Lord was of supreme status, and they didn’t want to offend such a figure if it weren’t absolutely necessary.

“Castellan Henry, you can stand out now, right?”

A calm voice sounded from [Cauldron-Casting Shop].

After a few seconds, a thin and tall middle-aged man staggered and walked out from behind the soldiers since he didn’t dare to hesitate. Even though he was wearing fancy armor with rubies inlaid in it and a golden crown, these glamourous items couldn’t bring him a sense of security. There were dark circles under his eyes, and his steps were light and weak. Fei could tell that he used to be a warrior, but not much was left in him after he drowned himself in liquor and lust.

This man was Henry, the Castellan of Talon.

Ashen-faced, Castellan Henry slowly walked up with shaking legs. Perhaps due to extreme fear, he fell onto the ground after taking a few steps forward. However, he didn’t dare to slow down and crawled to the door of [Cauldron-Casting Shop]. Without daring to raise his head, he said in a shaking voice, “I’m Carl Henry, the Castellan of Talon. It is an honor to meet you. I…”

Right now, he was no longer that arrogant Castellan who dominated over this city.

“Alright, I don’t have much time to listen to your nonsense. Come on and tell me, how did my [Cauldron-Casting Shop] conspire with bandits? And how did we collude with the Sea Tribe? I heard that you have sufficient evidence and want to arrest everyone…” Fei didn’t finish speaking, but his tone made everything clear.

“This…” Henry shivered in fear.

He was the Castellan appointed by the Royal Family of Leon, and he had a middle-to-high status in Leon. Even other noblemen and wealthy forces didn’t dare to mess with him easily.

However, if a Sun-Class Lord killed him, the Leon Empire wouldn’t avenge him. In fact, if a Sun-Class Lord killed ten nobles who were on his level, the Leon Empire wouldn’t want to flip out on such a figure.

“Sir, this… there must be some misunderstandings… our intelligence report might be wrong. I… I will go back and check for sure…”

Castellan Henry rolled his eye as thousands of thoughts flashed in his mind while he kowtowed repeatedly. Although he was vicious and cruel, he loved his own life more than anything else. Therefore, he acted tame and friendly like a well-trained dog as he tried to explain all this, and he was cursing Glazer in his mind.

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  1. Fimbulwinter

    Even though it’s the same thing every time with nobles in these kinda novels, I still don’t really get tired of it. It’s just too funny, when these corrupt dogs get put in their place.

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