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Hail the King Chapter 822.1

Chapter 822: Man Hunt (Part One)

Fei knew why Buckingham was anxious; anyone who had done heroic deeds would feel this way when they were slandered and painted as the traitor of humans.

Fei didn’t ask where Buckingham went this afternoon; it was clear that this high-level noble of the Leon Empire tried to contact the imperial intelligence networks to pass on critical information. Unfortunately, it seemed like Buckingham couldn’t redeem himself and be accepted by the Royal Family of Leon unless the truth got out.

“Alexander, you revealed your power today?” Buckingham suppressed the anxiety that he was feeling and complained, “You should already know about the shameless lies that D’Alessandro told, and the two of us are framed, becoming the enemies of all the humans on the continent. Right now, our top priority should be trying to get the truth out. The fact that you exposed our trail will attract some people’s attention, and it will bring unnecessary trouble to us. It isn’t wise.”

Fei smiled and replied, “I did it intentionally. By exposing us a little, perhaps some people will get nervous and try to do something. When they move, we will have an excellent opportunity to strike.

Buckingham gaped, and he suddenly felt like the King of Chambord was making sense here.

Since the situation was already like this, moving in the darkness wouldn’t be useful unless they could somehow force D’Alessandro to tell the truth. However, that was clearly impossible.

Perhaps once D’Alessandro found out that they were still alive, he would panic and do something. In that situation, they could find a good opportunity and turn the whole thing around.

As the No.2 Disciple of the Continental Martial Saint, D’Alessandro had a high status and a lot of power. However, this man was also vicious. If he learned that they didn’t die at the bottom of the sea, he would plan assassinations to kill them and bury all evidence. However, since the King of Chambord could even defeat the evil god of the Sea Tribe, Buckingham wasn’t worried about their safety.

He suddenly thought of something and asked in curiosity, “I heard about what happened in [Cauldron-Casting Shop]. What? That weapon shop belongs to you?”

Fei nodded and didn’t try to hide it.

Many businesses were operating under the [Letter Office], and [Cauldron-Casting Shop] was only one of them. Since [Cauldron-Casting Shop] wasn’t a chain-store, no one could trace [Cauldron-Casting Shop]’s background and find other organizations.

Also, after witnessing the battle at the bottom of the sea, Buckingham’s worldview and beliefs all changed. His sight wasn’t only focused on the conflict between the two empires, and he wouldn’t do anything to [Cauldron-Casting Shop]. In fact, if he could redeem himself and gain power again, he probably would look after this little shop to befriend Fei even more.

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After the two of them communicated and exchanged the information that they obtained in the afternoon, they made plans and went back into their own rooms to rest.

On the second day, Fei and Buckingham didn’t leave Talon City right away. Instead, they disguised themselves to the degree where others couldn’t recognize them, and they wandered around the city for the whole day. They only returned to the hotel at night, and they went to rest after having dinner.

Just like this, Fei and Buckingham stayed in Talon City for three days, and they only left the city through the main gate on the morning of the fourth day, moving toward the Capital of Leon directly without disguise.

In a sense, revealing D’Alessandro’s lies and redeeming themselves were no longer Fei’s top priorities. Instead, the king wanted to find the mysterious golden skeleton and destroy it! That was the most urgent matter.

Recently, a lot of significant events took place, and they showed that the golden skeleton had the ability to stir up troubles. It seemed like the golden skeleton was behind the Ten-Empire United Troops’ invasion of Zenit as well as the Sea Tribe’s awakening and their evil god’s revival.

Fei had a feeling that the golden skeleton which he released from the Mythical Altar by accident was a damn key. It was slowly turning and opening Pandora’s Box! He had to find this key before Pandora’s Box was completely opened and destroy it. Otherwise, the Azeroth Continent would be washed with blood and burned through by war and fire.

Therefore, Fei wanted Buckingham to help him find the mysterious character who planted that bloody skeleton in this nobleman’s body.

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