Chapter 823: Not That Simple (Part One)

After hearing what these Moon-Class Elites said, both Fei and Buckingham frowned and got angry.

However, Fei thought it through and was relieved.

These Moon-Class Elites were fooled by that disciple of the Continental Martial Saint. The angrier they looked, the more righteous they were. Although they weren’t that smart and got tricked, they weren’t evil characters.

However, Buckingham didn’t think that much; he was still furious.

He was a Moon-Class Elite himself, and he was an influential character in the Leon Empire. Although he was severely injured and fatigued in the battle under the sea, it was a blessing in disguise. He broke through the threshold which stopped him from moving forward, and he was now a low-tier Full Moon Elite. Also, while he was with the King of Chambord, he got some tips and pointers, and his strength increased even further. In addition, he was one of the most powerful regional kings of Leon, and he commanded the navy of the empire. There were several Moon-Class Elites who listened to his orders, so he didn’t really think that these men were so prestigious. As a result, he was angered that these few Moon-Class Elites dared to be disrespectful toward him.

However, he was a smart man. After taking a glance at Fei, he understood Fei’s thinking process and realized that these men were only fooled. Therefore, he suppressed his anger and explained, “You are just a bunch of fools! The real traitor of humans is that D’Alessandro, the disciple of Continental Martial Saint Maradona. You guys don’t know anything and can’t tell what really happened. You are being used, and you have no idea! Humph! If it weren’t for the King of Chambord who held back the enemies, that evil god of the Sea Tribe would have appeared already and killed all the humans around the [Sea of Fragrance].”

However, Buckingham’s explanation made the Moon-Class Elites laugh.

“Shameless! Really shameless! You are slandering D’Alessandro, and you want to take his credit? Who is the King of Chambord? How can he stop the evil god of the Sea Tribe? Humph! Buckingham, you are a regional king of Leon, and you are admired by all the citizens. In addition, you enjoyed all the privileges that came from your status, and you are wealthy. However, you lost your mind and made up this lie! What is worse? You are colluding with this dirty Zenitian and betrayed humans! Aren’t you ashamed? Emperor Juninho praised you! Don’t you feel guilty?” A burly man who looked to be 40 years old shouted at Buckingham.

“You…” Buckingham couldn’t hold back his anger anymore.

“Forget it; you can’t explain all this to these fools. Let’s take care of them first.” Fei raised his arm and stopped Buckingham.

Then, he turned around and looked at the Moon-Class Elites around him while laughing impatiently, “You are only Moon-Class Elites, and others are using you. You are too stupid to understand the situation, but you are brave humans who dare to stand up against evil. Therefore, I don’t want to make it difficult for you. You are too weak, and your seal won’t work. If you don’t want to die, go away.”

After saying that, a powerful golden energy appeared on Fei, and he punched at the sky.

A beam of golden light dashed out of his fist, and that silver magic energy sphere which enveloped the area shattered into pieces and quickly disappeared.

The few mages who were at the Moon-Class Realm and were maintaining the energy sphere in stealth received the backlash, and they all puked up blood and turned ashen-faced.

The Moon-Class Elites in the area were all terrified, and they looked at Fei with fear in their eyes.

The [Warrior-Forbidding Seal] which was created by eight Half-Moon Mages was easily destroyed by Fei!

“How come this young traitor is this powerful? It doesn’t make any sense!”

[Warrior-Forbidding Seal] was a killer weapon against warriors, and a lot of famous warriors had died inside such a magic array. Theoretically, eight Half Moon Mages and a lot of top-tier magic crystals should at least create a [Warrior-Forbidding Seal] which would greatly suppress a Sun-Class Lord even if it couldn’t completely destroy such a powerful character.

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