Chapter 824: Want to Borrow My Hammer? (Part One)

Fei looked at Buckingham who was about to kill these people and shook his head, telling him not to attack. Then, the king took one step forward, and his golden energy flames rushed out of his body. As powerful as lightning, he easily blocked all the strikes ten meters away from them.

Fei stood where he was and punched out again and again. He wasn’t too fast or too slow, and there was nothing magnificent about his movements.

Quickly, Fei punched out 26 times.

The 26 energy fists dashed forward and entered the 16 Moon-Class Elites who were charging at Fei and Buckingham as well as the ten masters who were controlling the magic array and stirring up trouble.

All of them froze with their eyes wide open; they had lost the ability to move.

The difference in strength was too much; they were no match for Fei at all.

From the beginning to the end, the King of Chambord didn’t even move his feet. He only moved his arms, and all the masters who went on this manhunt lost their combat abilities.

As a chilly breeze blew by, all 26 masters felt cold inside.

Fei slowly walked up and stood in front of a short and fat Moon-Class Elite in red armor. He looked down and asked, “Who ordered you to come here?”

“Yuck! You animal! You despicable traitor! We came here on our own! As long as I have one breath in me, I will try to summon all the human masters to find you and kill you! You are the biggest traitor of humans in the recent thousands of years!” this short and fat Moon-Class Elite shouted as his expression changed, and his face turned red.

“Humph!” Fei snorted and replied, “It was you, him, and him!”

Fei pointed at the other two Moon-Class Elites whose expressions were also changing as he said in disdain, “You three hid behind everyone and tried to instigate these righteous human masters to fight me. You are trying to get others to attack, but you are hiding behind, trying to escape if the situation turned bad, right?”

“You… You are a vicious and cunning character! What are you talking about? I don’t…” The short and fat Moon-Class Elite’s face changed color, and he quickly denied Fei’s accusations.

Fei simply sneered and didn’t talk to this man anymore.

As he looked at the Moon-Class Elites around him, he said slowly, “I can easily kill all of you, but I’m not a bloodthirsty demon. You are all masters who dominate over regions, and your minds aren’t that simple. However, you all came here and are trying to kill yourselves because of others’ words. Don’t you realize what is going on? Think about it. Otherwise, you will die as fools as well.”

Right now, everyone was suppressed by Fei, and they were terrified of Fei’s strength. After hearing what the king said, some of them got angry and cursed, some lowered their heads and pondered, some looked fearful, and some seemed to have realized something.

Fei didn’t talk more; he turned around and left.

“We are going to leave like this?” Buckingham was confused.

“What else should we do? Are we going to really kill them all?” Fei replied with a question.

Buckingham opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he didn’t have any better ideas. Therefore, he had to follow Fei and left reluctantly.

The two of them were fast, and they instantly disappeared into the woods in a flash.

“The seals that I placed on you will be gone after 30 minutes. Really think and don’t be fooled by schemers. If you try to chase after me like this again, you won’t be this lucky,” Fei’s voice sounded from afar, and everyone heard him clearly.

All these Moon-Class Elites heaved sighs of relief when they learned this information. Now, they knew that they escaped from death, and they felt powerless yet lucky.

-Five minutes later-

“Yuck! B*stards! Despicable traitors! Kill me if you can!” Some people saw that Fei and Buckingham were nowhere to be seen, and they started to cuss again.

Some of them started to think critically, and they realized that they didn’t know much about the King of Chambord. After meeting him today, they felt like he was a handsome young warrior, far from the evil and vicious demon that he was portrayed to be.

“Is he really framed?” they thought to themselves.

By now, they were all trying to get up, and the ones who were close to each other gathered and chatted among themselves.

“Guys, what do you think about tonight’s incident?” That fire-elemental burly senior who showed his face first gulped and asked.

“The King of Chambord doesn’t seem to be a vicious criminal. Is the rumor false?”

“Yeah. I feel like this young warrior is righteous and bold. Also, I heard about his stories in the Zenit Empire, and he doesn’t seem to be that kind of a person. In addition, what can a human gain from conspiring with the cruel and bloodthirsty Sea Tribe?”

“Although we can’t come to a conclusion, the situation isn’t what we had imagined.”

Since that fire-elemental warrior started the conversation, others joined in.

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