Chapter 825: Kill Him (Part One)

The short and fat Moon-Class Elite Kohler’s body turned stiff. At this moment; he felt like his bones and blood were frozen by a sense of fear that appeared deep inside his heart; it felt like his body was going to shatter like an ice sculpture if he moved too much.

When he saw Fei by his side, he was so scared that he couldn’t even put a sentence together.

“Do you want to ask me why I’m here? Since I left a while back?” Fei smiled and appeared by the side of the lake in his golden energy flames.

Kohler nodded subconsciously.

“Since you asked me so sincerely, I will be kind and tell you the truth. I never planned to leave; I only walked away and hid. In fact, before you even shot out the signal light, I had already returned. You look vicious and cruel, and your behavior is not far off; you fit the description of a small villain in the stories told by the traveling poets, and you may be full of evil potential. If you are dealing with someone else, you might have won already.”

Fei walked closer one step after another.

At this moment, those few young Moon-Class Elites in black armor also realized that something was not right. That young man who helped Kohler to stand up roared as murderous light flashed in his eyes, and he dashed toward Fei with his saber in hand.

However, Fei reached out his hand and lightly waved it.

Then, that young man fell onto the ground powerlessly.

This young man was only a New Moon Elite. He might seem like an invincible battle god in ordinary people’s eyes, but he was no different to a chicken that just came out of its egg to Fei.

However, Fei didn’t kill him and only suppressed him; he still wanted to get information from these people.

“Quick! Kill these Moon-Class Elites! Don’t worry about the King of Chambord…” The short and fat Kohler finally woke up from the shock and roared like a madman. As he shouted, he dashed at Fei fearlessly and tried to stop the king momentarily to buy time for the young Moon-Class Elites.

Fei didn’t expect this shameless fatty to be this ferocious, but his expression didn’t change. The difference between their strengths was too much, and a fearless character alone wasn’t enough.

Fei didn’t want to waste any more time, so he moved his fingers, and golden sword energies dashed out and pierced into Kohler and his peers’ bodies.

Tink! Bam!

These Moon-Class Elites all fell onto the ground.

Then, Fe waved his hand, and a cloud of golden energy flames moved forward and grasped onto Kohler before pulling him to Fei.

While ignoring Kohler’s shouts, Fei pressed his hand onto this fatty’s forehead, injecting his vast amount of spirit energy into the latter’s head and forcefully reading his memories.

This was the first time that Fei used this technique on another human. Since this incident was urgent, and Fei had no time to waste on capturing him and interrogating him, this was the method that Fei resorted to. Besides, this fatty was genuinely vicious, and he deserved a bad ending.

After a few minutes, Fei let go of his hand.


This short and fat Moon-Class Elite collapsed onto the ground, looking like a dying animal as his breaths were weak and almost non-existent. All his strength was gone.

Fei heaved a sigh of relief and looked at the Moon-Class Elites who were still terrified. He laughed and said, “Now, even if you guys are dumb pigs, you should know what is going on, right? Do you still need me to explain everything?”

The Moon-Class Elites lowered their heads in shame.

The burly senior who had fire-elemental warrior energy and was wearing a purple robe stood up and bowed at Fei. He apologized sincerely, “We didn’t know that we made such a big mistake. We thought that a wolf like Kohler was a friend, and we almost got killed by him in the wilderness. King of Chambord, thank you for saving our lives!”

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