Chapter 826: Fei’s Tactic (Part One)

When it was noon, Fei and Buckingham stopped at Kearney City that was less than 5,000 kilometers away from the Capital of Leon.

Kearney City was to the north of the Capital of Leon, Gerland City. It was one of the military towns of the Leon Empire, and one of the five knight legions of Leon, the [Blood Mask Knight Legion], resided in this place. This legion had been around since the establishment of the Leon Empire which was about several hundred years ago. It had been through several major wars and went through trials and tribulations. Even though it was almost completely wiped out several times, it made it through and got even more experienced and stronger. It was one of the most important military powers under the direct control of the Royal Family of Leon.

Flying in the sky at high speed was tiring. Even Fei who was quite powerful felt fatigued.

After the two of them disguised themselves, they entered Kearney City and found places to eat and rest.

Then, Fei came to a remote location in the city under Buckingham’s guide, and he saw a stand-alone castle. There were many watchtowers, and a lot of mercenary-looking men patrolled on the defense wall. It was well-protected.

“This is the headquarters of the famous Rapid Gale Mercenary Group in Kearney City.” Buckingham was curious as to why Fei decided to come here, but he continued to explain, “Although the Rapid Gale Mercenary Group isn’t big and only has about 40 to 50 people, their overall strength is not bad. They can rank within the top 20 mercenary groups in the city. They are always low-key, and I don’t think there is anything suspicious.”

“Kill them!” Fei stepped forward.

“Hua? Why? Kill? Them…. Why?” Buckingham was confused.

“Don’t ask so many questions; I will explain it to you later. Alright, you guard the outside. Remember, don’t let anyone escape!” After saying that, Fei flew toward the castle in front of them like a shooting arrow.

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“Who is it? Stop! This is the headquarters of the Rapid Gale Mercenary Group!”

It was quite empty around the castle, and nothing was blocking the view. The men who were on guard instantly saw Fei, and they shouted to deter him.

“Rapid Gale your mom!” Like a gust of wind, Fei dashed forward and waved his hand, and the defense wall of the castle fell to the ground as if it were made from paper. In the next second, he already shot into the gate.

“Who are you? How dare you trespass the Rapid Gale…” A bunch of people rushed out of the grand hall.

“I’m here for you…” Fei dashed around like a tornado, and the airflow in the hall was chaotic. He didn’t need to attack, and these so-called mercenary masters were blown away before they could do anything.

These people were insignificant figures, so Fei didn’t target them.

He pushed forward quickly and passed through more than a dozen traps and blockades. According to the information that he obtained from the memory of the short and fat Kohler, he quickly arrived at the basement of the castle. Now, the ear-piercing siren finally sounded in the castle.

Fei stood in front of a demon beast stone statue on the wall of the basement, and he pressed on both eyes on the statue.

Nothing happened.

“Damn it! These damn murderers are fast!” Fei knew that the people hiding in the secret chamber had already turned off the mechanism, and he cussed angrily.

Then, without wasting time, he punched at the section of the floor which was behind his right foot.


The golden energy fist instantly smashed the ground open, and a wide underground tunnel which was wide enough for a horse-drawn carriage to pass through appeared under the thick green stone floor which was more than one meter thick.

A series of gasps and cries sounded, and blood spilled in all directions.


Fei turned into a flash of golden lightning as he rushed into the tunnel.

In the next moment, a series of battle howls sounded in there.

A lot of warriors in tight-fitting black uniform armor rushed over from the depth of the tunnel fearlessly, and there were quite a few Six-Star and Seven-Star Warriors. To a mercenary group, their strength was already great. The Rapid Gale Mercenary Group had the strength to become the no.1 mercenary group in Kearney City; it was clear that they were hiding their true power.

“Who is it? How dare you come in here?”

“Kill! Kill him! He discovered our secret! We can’t let him leave alive!”

The warriors in black armor waved their weapons and charged at Fei.

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