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Hail the King Chapter 826.2

Chapter 826: Fei’s Tactic (Part Two)

“A bunch of cunning characters. From the black uniform armor, I can tell that you are from the same organization as those mysterious Moon-Class Elites last night. Hehe, since you want to kill me, I will wipe out all of you.”

Without hesitation, Fei moved around and caused a lot of destruction. No one was able to stop him, and he left a blood trail behind him. None of these warriors in black were left alive.

These people were all brainwashed by the assassin organization, and they were only killing machines, unable to distinguish between the good and the bad. Leaving them alive would add to the uncertainties in this chaotic world.

“Too fast! How is he? We can’t stop him at all!”

Inside the secret chamber at the end of the underground tunnel, a few men in black who had powerful auras around them looked at each other and shivered. Their organization had been very low-key inside Kearney City, and they didn’t execute any big missions. They couldn’t understand how they got such a big enemy on their backs.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The series of explosive noises got closer and closer as the underground tunnel and secret chamber shook violently.

“I will go and check it out. Who dares to attack us? I will cut off this person’s head and turn his skull into a wine cup!” One of the men in black sneered and slowly disappeared as if he dissolved into the air.

He was a ruthless assassin, and his stealth technique had reached a new height.

In the next second, angry roars sounded outside the secret chamber, and a magic gem which had magic light burning around it suddenly cracked; no one saw this coming.

“How is this possible? Gude died? So quick? Damn it! How come this person is this powerful? He is at least a Full Moon Elite!” The men in black were shocked, and the leader-looking men instantly stood up and said, “Quick! Let’s leave! We can’t take on this person! Quick! Send out messages to the other branches in other cities! We somehow got a powerful enemy!”

As a series of magic flames flashed in the secret chamber, a small magic teleportation array slowly opened in the air.

It was a short-distance magic teleportation array, able to send these men to a safe place.

“Quick! Let’s go!” That leader quickly jumped onto the magic teleportation array. As long as they could get away from this place, they would be safe.

At this moment, a golden light flashed by, and the portal that just opened suddenly shattered and disappeared.


The wall of this secret chamber was smashed open, and a demonic figure rushed in with golden energy flames around him.

-Half a day later-

The news that the Rapid Gale Mercenary Group was completely wiped out with no survivors spread around Kearney City quickly.

In the beginning, people thought that it was only the battle between mercenary groups, but the people who had been to the destroyed headquarters of the Rapid Gale Mercenary Group brought back more shocking news. It turned out that the Rapid Gale Mercenary Group was only the shell of the terrifying assassin organization – [Dark Godly Palace]. In the headquarters of the Rapid Gale Mercenary Group, people found shocking underground facilities such as altars and training rooms with the symbol of the [Dark Godly Palace] everywhere.

The [Dark Godly Palace] was an assassin organization that had been on the continent for thousands of years, and many people died at their hands. They were butchers who were hidden in the dark, and they didn’t have any morals. If their clients were willing to pay the price, these assassins would go and kill the targets. The people who died in their hands ranged from powerful heroes to dirty scumbags, mighty hermits to prestigious emperors, and poor beggars to extremely wealthy merchants.

In the ancient legends, in the mysterious headquarters of the [Dark Godly Palace], the skulls of Sun-Class Lords had piled up into a mountain, and the heads of a few gods were there as well.

This was a terrifying assassin organization. If they got paid, they dared to challenge and slay gods!

“Who is this person that even dares to challenge such an organization?” The entire Kearney City was stunned when they found out about this.

However, another thing was even more shocking.

It was rumored that some secret documents were discovered in the destroyed headquarters, including the targets of the [Dark Godly Palace] and the contracts between the [Dark Godly Palace] and the people who hired them. One of the contracts was between the [Dark Godly Palace] and D’Alessandro, the No.2 Disciple of the Continental Martial Saint.

“The content of the contract is shocking. In one section, D’Alessandro admitted to the [Dark Godly Palace] that he is trying to frame the King of Chambord and Buckingham. Also, he is trying to get two of the King of Chambord’s treasures…”

“What is going on?”

This news spread around the region like wildfire.

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