Chapter 827: Gerland City (Part One)

While the news was spreading in Kearney City, Fei and Buckingham already left and headed toward the Capital of Leon, Gerland City.

“That contract… You forged it, right?”

Buckingham looked at Fei strangely as he asked. He felt more and more like he couldn’t see through the King of Chambord. In his mind, a big hero who risked his life and battled with the evil god of the Sea Tribe to save the humans wouldn’t use such schemes and tricks.

“Of course, it is forged. Otherwise, why do you think that [Dark Godly Palace] would keep such an important contract in the little branch in Kearney City? Also, even if D’Alessandro is dumb, he wouldn’t admit those things to [Dark Godly Palace]. They are only working together; there is no reason for D’Alessandro to tell [Dark Godly Palace] everything like brothers,” Fei laughed proudly.

“Since there are so many holes in this, not many people will believe that contract.” Buckingham got even more confused.

“Hahahaha! I’m not hoping that everyone will believe it. However, some people will. Once the rumor spreads, some people will believe it and treat it as the truth. D’Alessandro can try to slander and frame us; why can’t we throw dirt back at him? Although we can’t kill him with this, it will make him dirty and stinky. Hahaha, we are only returning the ‘gift’. One day, these small tactics will add up and create big effects,” Fei explained as he smiled like a villain.

Buckingham turned silent and felt weird. At this moment, he finally confirmed his judgment. Even though the King of Chambord was a genius, he was still a jack*ss deep down in his core.

This man was mighty, but he would never play his cards according to normal logic, and he wouldn’t be held back by the traditional sense of honor and glory.

Buckingham thought that Fei was a hero who was willing to sacrifice his own life, but he just realized that this man was also a hungry wolf that would devour someone without spitting out the bones.

Of course, this jack*ss was very reliable most of the time, and you would subconsciously believe in him and rely on him. The only condition was that you must be his friend.

If you were his enemy, you need to pray for your life. This jack*ss would give you many nightmares.

“I heard that D’Alessandro is in Gerland City. In this trip to the Capital, we might run into that b*stard.” Buckingham reminded Fei worryingly after a short pause.

“Don’t worry! I want to meet him and give this b*stard a good beating!” Fei said as he clutched his fists.

Although his strength was inferior to D’Alessandro’s, he had that mysterious stone pillar as his ultimate trump card, and he wasn’t even worried about that evil god of the Sea Tribe, let alone D’Alessandro who was defeated by that entity.

If Fei were able to suppress the origin of the rumor that defamed him and Buckingham, perhaps he could end the slander on their names.

Seeing the violent response from Fei, Buckingham got even more worried.

“If you two get into a battle, Gerland City will face a catastrophe. The magic defense system in the Capital can’t protect against the residual energies that will spill over from the battle on that level. Alexander, I beg you. If you can’t instantly defeat D’Alessandro, please try not to attack. Although the Royal Family of Leon and the Royal Family of Zenit are hostile toward each other, there are millions of civilians in the city. Besides, I will go back and try to convince the Royal Family to stop the war against Zenit. Perhaps the two empires will become allies.” Buckingham tried to dissuade Fei from doing anything damaging.

“Alright, since you say this, I will endure it a little. The main mission is to find that mysterious entity, so enduring D’Alessandro isn’t a big deal. However, don’t play tricks on me. After all, Gerland is your territory. If you do anything that crosses the line, I might do something inhumane and disastrous.” Fei agreed and nodded without hesitation.

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