Chapter 827: Gerland City (Part Two)

“Ah? Great! Trust me; I will listen to you and coordinate with you.” Buckingham was ready to do more persuading, and he was elated when he realized that the King of Chambord agreed without any fuss.

As they talked, Fei’s expression suddenly changed, and he stood up from the [Throne of Chaos] abruptly.

Before Buckingham could ask anything, four blade energies suddenly appeared from four directions, and they dashed toward the [Throne of Chaos] rapidly. Then, four figures in black appeared in those four directions, and they charged forward with many blade energies around them.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

Four subtle metal-colliding noises sounded.

The four thin blades slashed onto the energy sphere around the [Throne of Chaos], creating four dents on it but couldn’t break it.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

After seeing that their strikes weren’t adequate, those four figures suddenly shivered.

Pop! Like smoke, the four of them instantly disappeared as if they were never here.

This entire process was a split second long; it was even too fast for Buckingham to react.

“They are assassins from [Dark Godly Palace]! They came so fast!” Fei frowned and sent his spirit energy outward. However, he couldn’t sense anything.

These four assassins were masters among masters. Once they missed, they instantly dashed away and disappeared. From the beginning to the end, it was less than one-thousandth of a second.

They never got greedy and stuck around; their mentality was terrifying and dangerous.

“What should we do?” Buckingham asked with a serious expression, “It seems like [Dark Godly Palace] has sent Silver-Wing Assassins. They must be watching us, and they are waiting for the next opportunity to strike.”

It was heard that [Dark Godly Palace] had four levels of assassins – Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron. The assassins who struck just now were powerful, and it was hard to trace them; they were at least Silver-Wing Assassins.

“Ignore them! Let’s go!”

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With a series expression, Fei controlled the [Throne of Chaos] and sped up. The faint silver energy sphere enveloped the two and the throne, and they started to dash forward as a whole. As if they merged into space, they were hard to spot as they moved forward. Every time they were visible, they had traveled for close to 50 kilometers.

Before the sunset, Fei and Buckingham finally arrived at the Capital of Leon, Gerland.

On the way, the assassins of [Dark Godly Palace] attacked them more than ten times, and these killers who mastered stealth techniques and assassination skills were really dangerous. If Fei and Buckingham lowered their guard, these assassins would appear like shadows and pierce sharp sabers through their hearts.

Fei was enraged, and he killed six peak Full Moon Assassins. After that, [Dark Godly Palace] got deterred a little and stopped the assassinations.

When Fei stood in the sky above Gerland City, he couldn’t help but lament.

The Leon Empire was indeed the most dominant force within 500,000 kilometers of St. Petersburg. Gerland City was many times larger than St. Petersburg. Looking down, various buildings and structures connected and extended into the horizon. This city which was built on the knowledge of the magic civilization was much larger than any of the cities on Earth! Countless buildings stood on the ground, connecting the dark ground with the dark clouds in the sky.

The Royal Palace of Leon stood in the center of the city.

Just this Royal Palace was the size of an ordinary city, and all the buildings were black. Black was the color of the Leon Empire, and it looked impeccable from afar.

However, Fei wondered if people living in these buildings would get depression and other mental illnesses after living in such a gloomy environment for so long.

Right now, Fei could sense many auras of the masters in the city like streaks of smoke. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to detect these energies, but they were as clear as flames in the night to anyone who was on and above the Moon-Class and thus were extremely eye-catching.

Each of these energies represented a master.

Among these auras, several of them were as bright as the sun in the night.

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