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Hail the King Chapter 828.1

Chapter 828: Buckingham Family’s Crisis (Part One)

“There are more than ten peak Full Moon Elites? The strength of the Leon Empire sure is great. Huh? Four Sun-Class Lords as well? One is hiding inside the city while the other three are inside the Royal Palace? Hehe, that most arrogant and brightest aura belongs to D’Alessandro, right? This b*stard sure is inside Gerland City.”

Fei stayed in the sky above the city in stealth and observed; he already had a rough idea about the strength of the Leon Empire.

Since this was wartime, the entire empire was on guard. The protection of Gerland was intricate and detailed. Starting at 50 kilometers away from the gates of Gerland, all the main roads that connected to the Capital of Leon had a checkpoint guarded by elite soldiers every kilometer, and small cavalry teams traveled along the main roads to monitor everything, sending dust into the air.

Outside the mountain-range-like defense wall of Gerland City, two out of the five knight legions of Leon and three main battle legions camped there. Masters were everywhere, and soldiers looked like a flood.

All kinds of military structures and magic towers were situated around the city in order, and the hidden magic arrays made the natural elements in the air more active.

Even in the sky, Moon-Class Elites and riders on demon beasts flew around and kept everything in check.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Fei and Buckingham didn’t enter the city the normal way. Instead, they used the space-traveling ability of the [Throne of Chaos] and entered the Capital of Leon quietly without anyone noticing.

“I will bring you to find that mysterious master first, and then I will need to take a trip home.” Buckingham thought about it and said earnestly.

Fei turned around and looked at him.

To Buckingham, this was a difficult decision. He was slandered, and most people believed that he was a traitor of humans. Therefore, his family back at the Capital of Leon must be negatively impacted, and they might be in serious trouble now. Buckingham didn’t know what kind of treatment his family was getting, but he knew that if he returned one minute later, his family would suffer one minute longer.

“Go home first.” Fei patted Buckingham’s shoulder and said, “The mission is in no extreme hurry. I will go with you.”

Buckingham froze for a second, and he nodded at Fei with a grateful smile.

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-Gerland City, Noble District-

This was the most beautiful region in the city. The trees were vibrant, and the scenery was as beautiful as a painting. Only the most extraordinarily prestigious and noble families could have an estate in this region, and they were all relatives of the Royal Family of Leon or high-level nobles. Without enough political power, one couldn’t purchase any properties in this region, no matter how rich they were.

Buckingham Estate was located in the center of the Noble District, and it was once one of the most important places in the empire.

Unfortunately, what happened in the recent half a month changed everything.

Since King Buckingham was charged with the crime of conspiring with the Sea Tribe, he became the criminal in the Leon Empire and in many others’ eyes. As a result, this giant estate was surrounded by the elite soldiers of the Ministry of Supervision, and no one could enter or leave. Anyone who tried to enter or leave by force got turned into corpses.

Under the strict monitoring of the masters in the Ministry of Supervision, not even flies and mice could sneak out, let alone a human.

Right now, the Buckingham Estate was in mortal danger.

It was heard that the nobles in the empire were divided on how to treat King Buckingham’s family. Some people chose to believe in the honor of the Buckingham Family, and some people thought that the rumors were true but still asked the Royal Family of Leon to forgive Buckingham, but most people recommended the emperor to kill everyone in the Buckingham Family to calm the public anger.

During this time, Emperor Juninho’s attitude was mysterious as he continued to stay silent.

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