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Hail the King Chapter 828.2

Chapter 828: Buckingham Family’s Crisis (Part Two)

Since the Royal Family hadn’t decided on anything, the Ministry of Supervision didn’t dare to do anything rushed. Thousands of guards, maids, and servants weren’t killed just yet, but more and more nobles and royal members recommended Emperor Juninho to execute the entire Buckingham Family under some people’s instigation. The Buckingham Family was in a dangerous situation.

Right now, teams of soldiers were patrolling the outside of the Buckingham Estate.

Creak! Suddenly, the gate of the estate opened.

A beautiful woman in a simple white dress slowly walked out of the gate followed by a few pretty maids.

“Stop! No one is allowed to leave!” The soldiers instantly reacted, and they raised their weapons and pointed the blades at these weak women. As they shouted, they looked as if they were facing a dangerous enemy.

That beautiful woman and the maids were terrified. The beautiful woman was a noble lady, and the maids were also used to a peaceful lifestyle; they had never seen such a terrifying sight, and they almost cried in fear.

“Don’t misunderstand… don’t misunderstand.” A maid braved up and said, “Guys, she is the wife of King Buckingham. We know that Emperor Juninho His Majesty prohibits people from leaving the estate, so we are not trying to barge out. However, you guys have surrounded this place for ten days, and the food and water are all depleted. Can you please help us get some food? We will pay.”

Then, a few maids carried out a chest of gold bars and silver bars with great efforts, and they opened it next. The bright light almost blinded the soldiers.

The soldiers in front of the gate looked greedy, and they gulped. However, they didn’t dare to agree. After talking among themselves a little, one soldier turned around to report to the supervisor.

Clip-clopping noises sounded quickly. More than a dozen cavaliers dashed over, and the feathers on their eagle helmets fluttered in the wind mercilessly. The chest protection on their armor had the redbud flower symbols, representing the Ministry of Supervision.

When they arrived at the gate, they quickly pulled the reins and stopped precisely. It was clear that their riding skills were great.

The burly cavalier in the front jumped off his horse first.

After lifting the black mask, his handsome face was revealed. As he glanced at the beautiful, noble lady who was shivering at the gate, and a sense of desire flashed in his green eyes.

He quickly hid his emotions, and he walked up and laughed, “It is Your Highness! After taking off the fancy dress and the glamorous pieces of jewelry, you are even more beautiful. However, your pitiful look is rare and breathtaking.”

“Ah? It is you, Merida?” The beautiful woman was pleasantly surprised when she saw this cavalier. She said, “This is great! I didn’t expect to see you today! We have been friends since we were little. Can you help us get some food? Everyone is starving!”

“Huh?” A playful smile appeared on this handsome cavalier’s face. He walked a few steps forward and asked, “What? Is the Buckingham Estate out of food? It is unbelievable.”

It was clear that Buckingham’s wife was a pure woman. Even though she was already married, she looked like a naïve girl. She didn’t discover that trace of desire in Merida’s eyes, and she said angrily with a pout, “Yeah! We were out of food four days ago. We have sent many requests to the Ministry of Supervision, but nobody paid attention to us. This is too much! I will sue them! Merida, you will help us, right? We were such good friends.”

The cavalier removed his helmet and laughed, “Yeah, we were such good friends.”

Then, he paused and suddenly got closer as he whispered into the ears of this beautiful woman with a cold expression, “Just like you said, we were friends. Too bad that you chose that traitor Buckingham over me, Merida. There is nothing between us now. Why should I help you? You stupid woman. Don’t you realize it? The Buckingham Family is done! No one is willing to help you in the empire. Too many people want you all to die. Therefore, no one will help even though you are starving.”

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