Chapter 830: Arrogant Test (Part One)

The situation wasn’t good for Merida. In front of real strength, even the fastest reaction was useless.

In the next moment, a powerful energy fluctuation was suddenly released from the Buckingham Estate.

Then, a thin figure with a slightly hunched back floated out of the gate to the Buckingham Estate.

He was an old man who was wearing a black mystical mask that looked like a demon with its mouth wide open, and his hair was long and white.

He said with a hoarse voice that sounded like sandpapers were grinding against each other, “The dignity of the Buckingham Family can’t be stained! Anyone who is within ten meters of the estate will be executed!”

This voice was strange, and it sounded like a god of hell was stating something indisputable.

“You… are dead! Who are you? Do you know what you are doing? AHHHH! You are dead! How dare you challenge the Ministry of Supervision… Ah! It hurts! Kill him! Arrest him!” Merida screamed.

On the other side, the beautiful Julia was clearly shocked by this.

“You talk too much… die!” The long white-haired old man swung his sleeve.

Merida who was screaming and yelling suddenly detected something, and his face changed color.

Bam! Like a watermelon that was smashed by a hammer, he turned into a streak of thick blood, flowing on the ground with white bone pieces in it.

A Supervision Knight who was close to the realm of Moon-Class was instantly killed like an animal when he was being well-protected by elite soldiers.

“This old man’s strength is terrifying!” a lot of people thought.

For a moment, the soldiers and the cavaliers of the Ministry of Supervision were shocked by this old man’s strength, and they didn’t dare to do anything wrong.

“From now on, the Buckingham Estate is under my production. Hehe, if you are not willing to listen, tell Govu of the Ministry of Supervision to come and talk to me,” this white-haired old man said with his hoarse voice.

The black mask that was tightly attached to his face made others feel like the Grim Reaper was here. As he spoke, a mystical white mist appeared and enveloped the entire Buckingham Estate, and it seemed like there was a sun moving around in the cloud of mists according to the laws of nature and had a unique beauty.

“Sun-Class Lord? This white-haired old man is a Sun-Class Lord?” almost everyone was stunned.


A high-level military officer screamed in alarm.

Then, all the soldiers that surrounded the gate of the Buckingham Estate backed off completely.

They didn’t simply back off due to the fear.

The appearance of a Sun-Class Lord was critical to this situation; the Ministry of Supervision could no longer be involved anymore since it was beyond the scope of their duties.

In fact, even the ordinary soldiers who surrounded the entire Buckingham Estate retreated. If this Sun-Class Lord wanted to do anything, these ordinary Star-level Warriors couldn’t discover anything and couldn’t stop him even if they did.

Julia was stunned by what she saw; she didn’t expect that just as she was in the most desperate situation, and she was about to commit suicide, a miracle occured. She thought that she was about to be stained, but everything was turned around.

“Who is this white-haired old man? Where is he from? What is the connection between him and Buckingham? Why is he protecting the Buckingham Estate?”

With this series of questions on her mind, Julia walked back into the estate with the white-haired old man in confusion.


When the gate was closed, Julia’s body froze as she couldn’t believe who she saw. That man whom she had been thinking about every day and night stood right there, right in front of her!

“Am I hallucinating?” Julia caressed Buckingham’s face lightly with her smooth, white fingers.

“I’m back,” Buckingham replied.

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