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Hail the King Chapter 831.1

Chapter 831: Curiosity (Part One)

As soon as D’Alessandro showed his hands, the entire Gerland City shook under pressure.

Although this No.2 Disciple of Continental Martial Saint Maradona was in someone else’s territory, he didn’t hold back any power when he attacked. That brilliant silver sword energy looked like a flashy meteor, catching everyone’s attention. Especially for the warriors and mages who reached a certain level, they sensed a vast, ocean-like energy flying across the sky, pressuring down on the entire Capital of Leon.

At this moment, four to five terrifying auras released energy, but they quickly disappeared as if the masters had held back and endured this.

There were several other powerful masters who were on this level in Gerland City, but they chose to standby and watch.

-The Buckingham Estate-

Fei was sitting under a giant tree that had new green buds on it in the backyard of the Buckingham Estate, and he sensed that attack.

A mystical smile appeared on his face, and he suddenly got up. Although he didn’t do anything else, streaks of grey mists gushed out of his thin, hunchbacked body which was his disguise. The grey mists quickly enveloped the backyard and soon the entire Buckingham Estate. Then, a grey mist beam shot into the sky, and it seemed like bright lights were circulating in the beam.


The grey light beam and the silver sword energy collided together.

In the next moment, it seemed like the entire world got quiet and time froze in its tracks.

While the shock and the quietness reached a peak level in the powerful spectators’ minds, a booming noise sounded as if it were doomsday. This explosion was so loud that Gerland City shook violently as that invisible energy wave created by the collision expanded in all directions rapidly with the Buckingham Estate in the center. This scene was truly stunning.

Right now, it seemed like the space in Gerland City became twisted, looking like a white paper that was crumbled and wrinkled by an external force. Everything seemed unreal and illusionary.

After the explosion, the grey and the silver energies were still intertwined with each other, looking like a giant python and a dragon that were coiling around each other and battling until death. At the same, the two streaks of energies shot into the high sky, creating a series of muffled explosions in the clouds as various colored energy flames flashed.

Then, a thick dark cloud hovered above the Buckingham Estate.


As the wind blew by, all the buildings within 100 meters of the Buckingham Estate collapsed as if they were built with sand. In fact, not a single piece of stone fell; all of the building blocks of those buildings got turned into fine sand, making the Buckingham Estate looking as if it were built in a desert.


After about more than ten minutes, the two streaks of energies created one giant, final explosion. As if this explosion even shattered the dark night, extremely bright light tore through the darkness and shined on the ground, making it look like daytime.

Evenly matched?

In the end, the two streaks of energies died down together; no particular energies came up ahead. Like how fancy fireworks would end in calmness, nothing was left after the explosions.

This result was beyond everyone’s expectation.

“What? This mysterious master is on par with D’Alessandro? How is this possible? When did such a terrifying figure emerge in the region of 500,000 kilometers around Gerland City? Could it be that he is from another region on the continent?”

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