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Hail the King Chapter 831.2

Chapter 831: Curiosity (Part Two)

“Hahahaha! I hate this arrogant D’Alessandro! There is finally a monster who can take him on!”

“I didn’t expect this! The Buckingham Family has such a terrifying guardian! They can rest assured!”

“Humph! These two damn outsiders! How dare they battle recklessly in the Capital of Leon? This is extremely shameful for our empire! This is overboard! Damn!”

In Gerland City, only a few masters could influence this battle which was on another level. Right now, they were all thinking about different things, but they instantly reached a consensus. They released their powerful energies but didn’t do anything, but their auras expressed their strong stance.

They gave a warning to the two masters who were fighting in the air. Since this was the Capital of Leon, battles of such scale weren’t allowed. If the battle continued, they were going to get involved!

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-Inside Buckingham’s Estate-

The guards and the family members of the Buckingham Family finally relaxed and let go of the breath that they were holding in.

This savior of theirs who suddenly showed up demonstrated unparalleled power. At this moment, the privileges and the honor that the Buckingham Family had were useless; only powerful strength was enough to protect the Buckingham Estate.

-In the backyard-

Fei slowly sat back down in the stone chair under that giant tree.

The green leaves that were still growing slowly fell onto the ground, almost filling the entire backyard. This tree which was more than 100 years old got all its green leaves cut off.

In that battle, Fei was at a slight disadvantage. That sharp sword energy already destroyed this giant tree, and all the life energy was gone. Although the tree looked intact on the surface, it was going to wither and die in less than three days, turning into a piece of deadwood!

Crack! Crack!

The stone tiles under Fei’s feet were also turned into small particles that looked like sand grains.

“Such power! My strength has increased again after I killed monsters in Diablo World these past few days, but I’m still no match for this D’Alessandro’s sword energy! I was barely able to change that sword energy’s trajectory and send it into the ground, making it look like we are evenly matched. It seems like I have to get through Hell Mode as soon as I can, pushing the strength of the Barbarian to peak Burning Sun Realm. Then, I should find ways to increase my strength beyond Diablo World somehow.

Fei already had some ideas in his mind.

Even if his golden finger, the Diablo World, couldn’t help him surpass the Sun-Class Realm, Fei felt like he would be able to increase his strength.

“Alexander, I want you to bring me to the Royal Palace of Leon.” Buckingham appeared in the backyard and stated his mind.

“You want to find Emperor Juninho?” Fei instantly understood Buckingham’s intent.

Buckingham nodded and said, “Right now, in the entire Leon Empire, only Emperor Juninho could solve this issue.”

“I’m curious; why do you trust him so much? Aren’t you afraid that this Majesty is going to kill you when he has the chance to take out a traitor of humans?”

“I just believe in him. If that really happens, then Juninho His Majesty doesn’t deserve to be the most dominate emperor in the region of 500,000 kilometers around Gerland.”

Fei stood up and looked at Buckingham with an interesting smile, and he grew curious about Emperor Juninho whom he had heard of before but had never gotten a chance to meet. This emperor must be an interesting character to have subdued the haughty Buckingham.

“Ok, I will help you,” Fei replied.

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