Chapter 832: Emperor of Leon (Part One)

“Humph! You are just a bunch of old and dumb people of a low-level empire! How dare you threaten me? I will kill all of you one day!”

Inside the most prestigious hotel in Gerland City, D’Alessandro who had been enjoying the delicacies and wines that the Leonians provided for him smashed the wineglass on the ground with a gloomy expression. He memorized the auras of those few Sun-Class Lords of the Leon Empire, but his tiny bit of logic kept him in control after he vented his frustration.

He didn’t put his words into action. He wasn’t scared of those old Sun-Class Lords of Leon joining forces and attacking him. Instead, he sensed a bit of danger from that aura inside the Buckingham Estate.

In fact, he even felt a little incredulous. Ever since he achieved his current realm, only a few of his senior and junior brothers and some old monsters who were in the same generation as his master could rival him. He didn’t expect that there was a no-name master in the Northern Region of the Continent which was remote and lacked important resources, and he was confused.

“Theoretically, those two damn men should have died in the hands of Evil God Kluivert of the Sea Tribe at the bottom of the sea. That evil god is bloodthirsty, and he would never let any human go. Also, this no-name master in the Buckingham Estate isn’t that long black-haired punk. Their auras are completely different. However…”

Suddenly, D’Alessandro realized something. He recalled the impossible incident where his god-tier combat weapon was knocked away by Fei, and he felt uneasy.

“Since even my [Broken Blade] couldn’t kill them, perhaps they had escaped from the hunt of that evil god of the Sea Tribe. If that is true, there will be a lot of trouble for me. If what happened at the bottom of the sea gets revealed…” After thinking about that, D’Alessandro shivered uncontrollably.

If the truth got out, his doomsday would be here. It would be getting off lightly if the entire continent treated him as a criminal. If his master, Maradona, learned about this, he would face unimaginable punishment.

“I have to do something!” D’Alessandro got vicious and slowly decided on something.

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Buckingham was even more shocked.

The Royal Palace of Leon who was known as the most guarded and secure place within an area of 500,000 kilometers of Gerland City seemed like a joke to Fei. Even though powerful masters and countless elite soldiers protected this place, they posed no obstacle to the King of Chambord.

Fei and Buckingham didn’t hide that much, yet they easily got through layers of intense protection without trouble. Then, they quickly got into the inner courtyard of the Royal Palace.

This wasn’t the first time that Fei’s strength shocked and terrified Buckingham.

However, when Buckingham thought about that scene where this man who was younger than him destroyed one of Evil God Kluivert’s arms, he felt like what he was seeing right now was acceptable.

While walking beside Buckingham, Fei was a little surprised as well.

“The Leon Empire is known as the most dominant force within 500,000 kilometers of Gerland City. Its territory was vast, and it was wealthy. Even though the size of Gerland City was dozens of times larger than St. Petersburg, the decoration of the Royal Palace of Leon is simple and serious instead of luxurious and excessive. It is far better than what I had thought; no wonder the Leon Empire is the No.1 Empire in the Northern Region!” Fei thought to himself and felt like he had to re-evaluate this dominant force.

While using the power of Sun-Class to bend lights and curve space around them, blocking the vision of the guards and patrolling soldiers, Fei walked on a curvy path and soon arrived at a stone palace under the lead of Buckingham.

“Juninho His Majesty would always stay in this side palace to review documents every night,” Buckingham said in excitement as he looked up at the stone palace.

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