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Hail the King Chapter 832.2

Chapter 832: Emperor of Leon (Part Two)

After all these troubles, he finally got the chance to stand in front of this side palace. Buckingham knew the importance of this meeting. Removing the guilty verdict on the Buckingham Family was secondary; the most important thing was to tell Emperor Juninho about what had happened at the bottom of the sea and convince the ruler to get ready for the war against the Sea Tribe. After all, the real era of chaos was about to come.

Of course, he also wanted to tell Emperor Juninho how powerful the King of Chambord was, and he wanted to dissuade the Royal Family of Leon to continuing the war with the Zenit Empire. Otherwise, if the King of Chambord who already matured got offended for real, the consequences would be unbearable.

“After I make sure that you are safe, I will go and find that mysterious master according to the instructions that you gave me.

Then, Fei handed a scroll to Buckingham and said, “However, if you explain everything, and doing so still doesn’t convince your emperor, you can open this scroll, and it will take you back to the Buckingham Estate.”

However, Buckingham smiled and rejected the offer with a smile on his face. This took Fei by surprise.

“His Majesty will listen to me. If he somehow doesn’t…” Buckingham smiled bitterly and continued, “If I’m in real danger, it means that the situation is irreversible, and the end of the Buckingham Family is here. Even if I can escape to my estate, I still couldn’t get out of the hunt of the empire. Although you are powerful, you can’t leave Gerland City with thousands of people in my family. I don’t want this incident to cause any damage to the strength of the Leon Empire, and I don’t want to drag you down. The time is not on your side; you have more important things to do.”

“I’ve known you for a while, and you are getting more and more talkative. Don’t worry. As long as you can return to your estate safely, I can help you and everyone in your family leave the Leon Empire easily and safely.” Fei didn’t give Buckingham the chance to refuse again, and he stuffed the scroll into the latter’s hand.

After knowing Buckingham for a while, Fei gradually started to treat this king of an enemy empire as a friend.

“You… hey, you… dude.” Buckingham cussed and laughed; he was trying to say jack*ss but switched to dude in the last second.

At this moment, a thick and magnetic voice sounded from inside the stone palace, “Hahaha! Buckingham! You finally came back, so why are you standing outside the gate? Why don’t you come in with the master beside you? Why are you letting me wait? Are you trying to get me to invite you?”

“It is Juninho His Majesty!” Buckingham was stunned.

Fei was also a little surprised.

“So, this emperor of Leon already discovered us,” he thought.

It was heard that Emperor Juninho already became a Sun-Class Lord more than 20 years ago, and he was one of the most powerful masters in the region. Fei just had a quick interaction with this man, and he was surprised.

Now knowing this, Fei was even more curious about this man who was known as the nemesis of Emperor Yassin. He was planning to drop off Buckingham at the gate of this stone palace before doing his thing, but now he wanted to go into the stone palace and get a glance at this famous emperor!

“Let’s go in.”

Fei and Buckingham walked up the stairs and got to the gate of the palace. Then, they looked at each other and entered the palace.

Their vision instantly brightened up. The darkness was gone, and the palace was illuminated by gentle, white light from magic lights. It was surprising to Fei that no other decoration existed in the room.

Organized metal shelves were everywhere, and all kinds of documents were placed on them.

In fact, this palace looked like a giant library, making others feel dizzy.

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