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Hail the King Chapter 833.1

Chapter 833: Exchanges in the Palace (Part One)

Deep inside this library-like palace, there was a high platform.

A tall and burly man stood there with his hands behind his back, and light from the magic lanterns shone behind him, making him look even more majestic. His long hair followed gravity and looked like a wild waterfall, and his facial features were vague since the light was shining from his behind.

His aura was dominant and noble, and the suffocating sensation permeated the air. If ordinary people were here, they would have kneeled and worshipped this man.

He was Juninho, the Emperor of Leon.

Buckingham didn’t dare to look up at him. Instead, he hurried forward and kneeled in front of the platform respectfully, greeting the ruler of this land.

Fei slowly walked over and stood beside Buckingham, and he looked up and stared at this man who was the most majestic person within the region of 500,000 kilometers of Gerland City.

This man looked to be about 30 years old. His eyebrows were thick, his facial features were distinct, and he looked brave. If only judging from his looks, he looked more like a general who excelled in battles, an unruly mercenary group leader, or an independent warrior. It was hard to connect this man to that cruel and ruthless ruler who was calculative, dictatorial, and controlled the Leon Empire for many years through all its ups and downs.

Juninho seemed to have noticed Fei’s aggressive stare, and a bright light appeared in his eyes and shot back at Fei. Like the most brilliant stars in the night, his eyes glanced at Fei and observed this white-haired old man who looked to be hunchbacked. It seemed like this ruler was able to see through all the disguises and detect Fei’s real face under the cover of the long white hair and the black mask.

“Get up.” Juninho went back to his throne and said to Buckingham lightly.

“Your Majesty, I…” Buckingham stood up respectfully, and it looked like he was about to say something.

“King Buckingham, thank you for your hard work. We can wait on the topics that you want to discuss.” Juninho waved his hand with a smile on his face and signaled Buckingham to sit down on a stone chair on the side. Then, he looked at Fei and said, “Imperial Martial Saint of Zenit, King of Chambord! I didn’t expect you to pay me a visit in my little palace. I’m pleasantly surprised, and sorry for not treating you with the highest honor!”

Fei smiled and replied calmly, “Oh, so it turns out that Your Majesty already recognized me.”

“After thinking about all the masters in the region, I couldn’t find someone who is able to block D’Alessandro’s anxious attack and bring Buckingham into the Royal Palace this easily. Besides, I never heard that the Buckingham Family has connections to a Sun-Class Lord. After putting what I know so far together with the stories that D’Alessandro told, it seems like the only person who is willing to help the Buckingham Family that is being greatly pressured by everyone is King Alexander of Chambord who was rumored to have released that evil god of the Sea Tribe with Buckingham.

“Your Majesty, your intelligence is admirable.” Fei slowly sat down beside Buckingham and put away the disguises on him calmly, returning to the appearance of the handsome and ethereal young man.

Juninho looked at Fei with a smile and nodded in approval. It had been a long time since he met such a talented and composed young man. He thought that Buckingham was the most talented and smartest person in the young generation at the Leon Empire, and that was why he treated Buckingham better and trusted this young man more.

However, Buckingham seemed far inferior when compared to this young man from the Zenit Empire.

Juninho felt a little sad as he thought, “Why was this brilliant young man born in the Zenit Empire and not my Leon Empire? After years of battle, that guy has the upper hand again.”

He nodded again and praised, “You sure are a heroic young man. However, I don’t understand why you two who supposed to be enemies became friends, and I didn’t expect you two to show up in Gerland City and cause such a big scene. In fact, you two even dare to sneak into the Royal Palace of Leon. Aren’t you afraid of death?”

Fei smiled and didn’t say anything.

“Alright, it seems like Buckingham will answer my questions later. I have another question. Right now, you are in a terrible situation, close to being dead. You are now the enemy of the humans on the continent, and D’Alessandro won’t let you survive. How are you planning to deal with this?” Juninho switched the topic.

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