Chapter 834: No.1 Church (Part One)

Buckingham was a great speaker. After he gathered his thoughts, he told Emperor Juninho about everything that had happened. Starting from how he led the navy of Leon and tried to trap the King of Byzantine, he then got into how the King of Chambord suddenly appeared and captured him. After that, it was the trip on [Brilliance], the discovery of the Sea Tribe, and that insane battle at the bottom of the sea.

In the beginning, Emperor Juninho was able to keep his composure and listen to Buckingham’s story nonchalantly. However, when he heard about the King of Chambord knocking away D’Alessandro’s god-tier combat weapon, Continental Martial Saint Maradona’s shadow appearing in the bottom of the sea, and the King of Chambord destroying one of that evil sea god’s arms, Juninho finally seemed to be shocked.

“Are you sure? Are you sure that D’Alessandro used all his strength and tried to kill you two with that god-tier combat weapon? It was knocked away by the King of Chambord?”


“Are you sure that Continental Martial saint Maradona’s shadow appeared at the bottom of the sea and easily took away the god-tier combat weapon from that evil sea god?”


“Are you sure that the King of Chambord smashed away one of the evil sea god’s arms with his hammer?”


Juninho rarely lost composure, but he was out of it at this moment.

After asking the first question while sitting down on his throne, this emperor instantly stood up and asked the second and third questions. When he got the answers to all three questions, he fell back down onto his throne.

This series of actions clearly painted the picture of how anxious and surprised this ruler, who was the most powerful within a region of 500,000 kilometers of Gerland City, was.

In comparison, Buckingham was calm throughout the process as he sat still on the stone chair and replied with three ‘yes’. Emperor Juninho who was tough and wouldn’t even flinch if a giant mountain collapsed in front of him lost his composure in front of Buckingham for the first time, and it seemed like this young man already foresaw this.

After all, the answers to the three questions were too stunning.

“It seems like… this D’Alessandro who is extremely arrogant finally ran into trouble. However, our trouble is larger than that megalomaniac’s.” A bitter smile appeared on Juninho’s face.

“Indeed. Now that the Zenit Empire has such a terrifying warrior, we… we…” Buckingham paused a little and didn’t know how to express his mind properly.

“Continue,” Juninho ordered.

“If our Leon Empire continues to battle with the Zenitians, a disaster will be waiting for us.” Buckingham shivered under Emperor Juninho’s intense stare, and he instantly said what was on his mind without hesitation.

What he said was no different to a loud slap in the face of every proud Leonian.

It was a kind of shame that the Leon Empire rarely experienced in the last 100 years.

However, Juninho started laughing. He scratched his head and said powerlessly, “Although it is the truth, it is a hard pill to swallow, especially when it is coming from you, the most talented person in the young generation in my eyes… However, you don’t understand. The trouble that I mentioned isn’t the same thing on your mind.”

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After leaving the Royal Palace of Leon, Fei didn’t hurry up and leave Gerland City.

Instead, he dashed toward the tall structures to the northwest of Gerland City; that was the location of the No.1 Church that the Holy Church set up inside the Leon Empire, and it was also the place where that mysterious master planted the blood-red skeleton inside Buckingham’s body and offered him great power.

Fei felt like a mystical summoning was drawing him toward that location.

Although the incident involving D’Alessandro was urgent, it wasn’t so easy to come to the Leon Empire. Before getting out of here, Fei had to figure out the answers to his questions involving that mysterious master and the blood-red skeleton.

Like a long thorn, this mysterious master was sticking in Fei’s mind, and he felt uneasy about the whole thing.

The sharp barbarian instinct told Fei that this mysterious master was the origin of all the troubles and chaos on the continent. If he wanted to slow down the speed which chaos was taking place, he had to put an end to the origin and take out this thorn.

With the help of [The Throne of Chaos], Fei traveled through the cracks in space smoothly, achieving a fast speed and maintaining stealth at the same time. Even though many checkpoints and guard stations existed in Gerland City, none of them discovered Fei.

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