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Hail the King Chapter 834.2

Chapter 834: No.1 Church (Part Two)

In just a few moments, Fei already arrived at the entrance which led to the many palaces that belonged to the Holy Church.

“Huh? The level of protection in this place is inferior compared with the residential areas. The Holy Church has always been arrogant and overbearing; do they really think that no one dares to trigger them?”

After Fei sent out his spirit energy, he discovered that the guards were all ordinary; the priests and godly knights who weren’t that powerful patrolled the region by walking in between palaces lazily.

Since it was already midnight, no worshippers were around, and the scattered magic lights in the region faintly illuminated the palaces and god statues, making it seem very peaceful.

According to the descriptions that Buckingham gave him, Fei slowly walked up to the No.1 Church in the Leon Empire before carefully observing it.

The Holy Church was known for its luxury on the continent, and this church was no exception.

The No.1 Church in the Leon Empire was as tall as a mountain, looking out of touch by mere mortals. The 99 steps which led to the gate of the church looked like a path to Heaven, and there were two giant god statues on either side of the church. Each of the statues was more than 100 meters tall, and one of them was holding a saber while the other grabbed an ax. They looked life-like, and their toes were higher than the height of an average human.

Other than these two giant god statues, many god statues which were much smaller than these two were everywhere around the church, looking like the trees inside a forest. Under the watch of so many pairs of eyes on the god statues, people would feel an indescribable pressure.

The height and size of this church were even more majestic compared to the Royal Palace of Leon, demonstrating the arrogant and overbearing character of the Holy Church.

Fei raised his leg and moved one of his feet toward the first step. Then, an energy flame flashed, and the king stepped onto the platform in front of the No.1 Church in the Leon Empire which was above the 99th step.

The giant arched gate was carved out of a giant piece of bright carnelian and crystal, and the various tales in the [Code of God] were engraved on it. The 24 giant pillars in front of the main gate which propped up the roof were carved into human figures, looking like 24 giants were carrying the roof of this church with their shoulders and hands. The scenes where the powerful gods and heroes were involved in battles in the legends were all engraved on the walls inside this church.

Overall, this church looked like a building in the realm where the gods lived.

Fei lightly pushed over the gate and walked in.

The inside of this church looked empty like the void, and the white candles which looked like decorative pieces on the walls and the table deep inside the building were lit; they looked like brilliant stars in the universe as the white light illuminated around the candles. When Fei walked in, he felt insignificant as if he was being compared to the universe.

Since it was already late, there were no priests or godly knights in here.

While Fei slowly walked inside, he took out a green gem from his storage ring and injected a streak of magic energy into it. The magic gem instantly released a subtle energy fluctuation, and the undetectable energy wave expanded outward in all directions.

This was the unique communication method that mysterious master gave Buckingham.

Such a magic gem was rare since it wasn’t an ordinary magic crystal. The energy fluctuation that it emitted was strange and undetectable to most people; only entities extremely familiar with this magic gem could capture this energy fluctuation.

Soon, Fei got to the deepest location inside this No.1 Church in the Leon Empire.

On the platform, there were three giant god statues that were made from unknown metals. Fei was unfamiliar with these god statues since they looked vicious and had violent auras around them. Besides, the weapons in their hands looked to be stained by a blood-like substance. Overall, they didn’t seem peaceful and gentle like the other god statues.

Fei was now well-read and studied many important scriptures and literature about the Holy Church, but he couldn’t recall seeing the descriptions of these three god statues. At least the church in Chambord City didn’t worship gods on this level.

Suddenly, Fei detected something, and he turned around abruptly.

A cloud of silver energy floated into this church in silence before turning into a genial old man who had white hair and white eyebrows and was wearing the white robe of the Holy Church.

He was emitting a friendly and welcoming aura, making Fei feel like he met a relative whom he hadn’t seen in a long time.

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