Chapter 835: Trap (Part One)

“Hehehe, King of Chambord, you finally came? I have been waiting for you.” This genial priest who suddenly appeared looked at Fei with a smile on his face as if they were old acquaintances.

“You know me? Waiting for me? Who are you?” Fei asked as he quietly hid that green magic gem into the center of his left palm. Right now, he was stunned by this genial old man.

This old priest’s strength was on another level; Fei was only able to discover him after he got within 100 meters of the king. Therefore, this old man was at least a top-tier Rising Sun Lord.

According to the assignments of the priests in the Holy Church, the most powerful priest in the Leon Empire should be at the peak Full Moon Realm. There shouldn’t be a priest at the Sun-Class Realm in the region.

Also, even though this white-haired priest looked genial and kind, Fei felt like something was off about him, and he detected an extremely dangerous sensation.

“Hahaha! Little Guy, you are the one who came into my territory, and you are asking me about my identity?” The old priest walked forward slowly and lightly caressed the rows of wooden benches with his dry hands. Then, he looked up with mystical light in his eyes, and he continued with a strange smile on his face, “Before four days ago, everyone in Gerland City called me Honorable John. I was a servant of the gods, and I was in charge of this place.”

“Before four days ago? What about now?” Fei slowly unleashed his strength and became alerted.

“Now? Hahaha! Now?” Bloody light shined in this old priest’s eyes, and he raised his head and laughed, “Now, I’m a god! A god who is in control of everything!”

“It is you?” Fei instantly understood the situation.

The king dashed forward and turned into a beam of light. At the same time, he had already used [Whirlwind] and shot out one golden sword energy dragon. While this golden sword energy dragon attacked this old priest, Fei took out a silver scroll and opened it as he moved closer to him.

Then, the flashing tadpole-like godly runes flew out of the [God Imprisonment Scroll] and dashed toward the old priest.

Fei was familiar with the bloody-red light inside this old priest’s eyes; the same kind of red light and energy fluctuations appeared in the dark eye sockets of that golden skeleton!

It was clear that this old priest named John was possessed by that golden skeleton, just as [One Sword] had.


Creepy and chilling laughter came out the white-haired priest’s mouth. While facing the terrifying and ruthless attacks coming from Fei, the strange look on his face grew even brighter, making his face have even more wrinkles and seem like a withering flower. He looked like he was neither going to dodge nor defend.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!!!!

A series of explosions sounded abruptly.

When the golden sword energy dragon created by [Whirlwind] was about one meter away from the white-haired priest, a white, crystal-like light screen suddenly appeared from the ground and blocked the strike. Even though Fei’s golden sword energy dragon was powerful enough to shatter mountains, it only created a series of ripples and left a dragon-shaped dent in the crystal wall, unable to break it.

This crystal wall also blocked the godly runes released from the [God Imprisonment Scroll], and they weren’t able to lock onto their target. They formed a silver light prison after getting through the crystal wall, but no one was inside this prison.

In the next moment. Fei’s third attack came.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!!!!

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