Chapter 835: Trap (Part Two)

Fei’s powerful punches smashed into the crystal wall, and each blow was enough to explode a Sun-Class Lord who just entered this realm. However, the crystal wall wasn’t harmed. Some fine cracks would appear on it, but as a bright white light suddenly shone in the hall of this church, the cracks were all gone. The crystal wall returned to its old, intact form.

“Hahaha! It is no use! Stop struggling! I spent four days and prepared the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace] just for you! It isn’t something that you can break! King of Chambord! Hahahaha! It is all over! Your good luck can’t continue forever.”

As the old priest laughed, and his long white hair fluttered in the air even without the wind. Two red fires burned in his deep eye sockets, replacing his eyes. The two flames danced crazily, suffocating Fei a little as if they were demons.

At this moment, a mystical and terrifying change occurred.

Streaks of white lines appeared on the smooth, mirror-like floor, and they started to grow and extend. Soon after, the entire floor, the walls, the ceiling, the stone pillars, the wooden benches, the god statues…

In the end, the white lines and energy paths were everywhere in the church; even the candle holders on the walls and the soft candles had gentle silver light flashing on them.

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Then, a vast, unimaginable energy slowly floated up like a white rose that was quietly blooming. The beautiful yet lethal white light soon filled the entire church.

It was a huge and incredibly complex god-tier magic array.

The number of magic paths and turns in the magic array was comparable to the stars in the sky, and Fei got a little headache when he tried to observe.

Right now, Fei was standing at the middle of the magic array.

Since all of these happened so fast, even Fei couldn’t react in time.

It was clear that all of this was planned, just waiting for Fei to get to the center of the array. Fei suspected that the magic array was already initiated when he entered this church, and this white-haired priest, which was the golden skeleton, showed himself and engaged in a conversation with him just to distract him. All of that was done to ensure the successful activation of this powerful array so that he would be locked inside.

This was a trap which was set up long ago.

“Damn it! Why is this happening? Could it be that Buckingham lied to me?” This thought flashed in Fei’s mind, and he instantly rejected it.

What they went through together at the bottom of the sea made Fei trust this former enemy a lot. He knew that Buckingham would never betray him.

“It seems like this golden skeleton used Buckingham. This damn skeleton! He knows about everything that had happened in the last while. He must know that I’m after him, and he designed this trap for me… He is a cunning and terrifying opponent. I was too careless this time,” Fei thought to himself and roughly guessed his current situation.

However, he didn’t have time and energy to dwell on this meaning topic since it already occurred. His top priority right now was to get out of this magic array that was named [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace].

Fei quickly calmed down, and he started to study the white line and energy paths carefully. He wanted to use his vast magic array knowledge to find some weaknesses in this god-tier magic array. If he could do that, he would have a way to break out.

At this moment, something shocking happened.

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