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Hail the King Chapter 836.1

Chapter 836: Scepter of Creation (Part One)

As Fei looked around, he realized that the church which was filled with the white lines and energy paths slowly disappeared. As if they were mystical 3D projections, the god statues, the stone walls, the floor, the wooden benches, the candle holders, the candles… everything was slowly disappearing, and the void was taking over. As the void grew, it seemed like Fei was inside another space! All he could see was the void as nothing else existed around him.

The brilliant stars, the beautiful nebulas, and streaks of distant galaxies many light years away…

As if Fei were suddenly expelled to the cosmos, he felt cold, lonely, and was filled with darkness.

“This…” Fei suddenly got very serious.

This was the terrifying power of god-tier magic arrays. Once they were activated, they would hide all the traces of arrays, creating a mystic space where no weakness could be spotted from the inside. Once someone was locked in one of these arrays, their connections with the outside were severed. They couldn’t see what was happening, couldn’t trace the enemies, and couldn’t fight back when was attacked.

Even if someone were very familiar with one god-tier array formation… In fact, even if the creator of such a god-tier array formation were locked inside, he couldn’t even break it from the inside.

“This time… I’m in trouble.”

Fei instantly summoned [The Throne of Chaos], waiting to use its insane space-traveling ability to get out of the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace]. However, the result was hugely disappointing.

Inside this dark cosmos, an invisible force was repelling and suppressing [The Throne of Chaos], making this throne unable to use its abilities. It couldn’t even teleport for one meter, let alone leaving the magic array.

“Hahaha! Too bad! [The Throne of Chaos] is such a powerful godly item of creation, but it fell into the hands of you, a weak mortal. It is such a tragic incident! [The Throne of Chaos] can go anywhere in the world! Hahaha, your weak strength turned this godly item into something ordinary!” The golden skeleton’s proud laughter sounded in this dark space abruptly.

Fei knew that he was still inside the hall of the No.1 Church in the Leon Empire, and he wasn’t really sent into the cosmos; this was all the powerful illusions that the god-tier magic array created, and they were so surreal that the king couldn’t tell them apart from reality.

Right now, the golden skeleton was still probably about 100 meters away from him, carefully observing the situation.

“You skeleton-like monster. You imprisoned your savior just to say these useless words?” Fei slowly sat down and tried to provoke his enemy while trying to figure out a way to escape.

With that mysterious stone pillar inside his body, even a real evil god couldn’t do anything to him, let alone only a god-tier magic array. His life wasn’t in danger yet.

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While standing outside the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace] in silence, a proud smile appeared on old priest John’s face. As the strange red flames burned in his deep eye sockets, he stared at this magnificent No.1 Church which had a countless number of white lines and energy paths and looked at the King of Chambord who looked like a headless fly inside the array.

The golden skeleton couldn’t hold back his excitement and roared with an arrogant tone, “Poor soul. You are about to die, yet you still want to try to get information from me?”

“About to die? Not really. If I didn’t pull out the stone pillar that nailed you beside the Mythical Altar, you would still be a dry, lifeless corpse. Is this how you are going to repay your savior? You sure are an animal that has no manners. Wait, you are inferior to an animal! Hahaha! You are only a dry corpse! Hahaha!” Fei’s mocking words flew out of the magic array.

“So, you have already discovered something? I’m surprised. That is right; if you didn’t pull that half of the [Scepter of Creation] from my body, I would die after tens of thousands of years, and that will be it. However, I came back to life! Hahahaha! You are a weak bug, and your duty in life is completed after you freed me. You should have died right after, but you dared to keep the [Scepter of Creation] to yourself, and you occupied the [City of Godly King of Creation]. You should be killed at least 10,000 times! AH….”

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