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Hail the King Chapter 837.1

Chapter 837: The Praying of Tens of Thousands of Believers (Part One)

[TL Note: Hey guys, this chapter is longer than an ordinary chapter, so we broke it down into three parts.]

After hearing the arrogant laughter of the golden skeleton, Fei subconsciously inspected that mysterious stone pillar inside his body.

Just as the golden skeleton said, Fei wasn’t sure when, but the mysterious stone pillar started to tremble slightly, and it was sending Fei a mystical emotion which was filled with unwillingness.

At the same time, the cosmos which was created by the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace] started to release a strange energy wave. It was light and gentle like waves on a beach; it wasn’t trying to attack Fei at all. However, there was a hidden and vicious power which was hard to detect. It wasn’t trying to harm Fei; it was only trying to dilute and weaken the blood-like connection between Fei and the mysterious stone pillar.

“Since the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace] doesn’t attack me directly on the surface, my life is in no immediate danger. As a result, this mysterious stone pillar, which is the [Scepter of Creation], won’t release its power and break this god-tier magic array for me… All of this means that this golden skeleton knows about the [Scepter of Creation] better than me. He tried his best and planned this perfect trap. This trap has no weakness since this golden skeleton has thought of everything.” Fei was quite shocked when he thought everything through.

There were insane secrets on this golden skeleton; its identity was a giant mystery in itself.

Fei guessed that this monster was a powerful entity during the ancient Mythical Era. Otherwise, he wouldn’t call himself a god, and he wouldn’t know so many ancient secrets.

Besides, if he weren’t mighty in the ancient times, he wouldn’t have appeared beside the Mythical Altar, and he wouldn’t have been able to instantly recognize the [Throne of Chaos] and the [Scepter of Creation]. Most importantly, if he weren’t insanely strong, he wouldn’t be able to escape after his flesh corroded away and his skeleton was the only thing left.

This entity was like a living fossil. It didn’t matter who was standing against this monster; they would tremble in fear.

In the last few encounters, Fei was able to obtain a little advantage. However, he ultimately fell into the trap that was set up by this monster who calculated carefully.

When Fei pulled that half of the [Scepter of Creation] out of this skeleton, it felt like he opened Pandora’s Box, releasing demons and tragedies into the world. However, if he didn’t do that, both Angela and Elena would have died.

Could it be that all of this was determined by fate?

“I have to think of a way to break out. D’Alessandro is leading more than 40 Moon-Class Elites toward Zenit, and they will probably arrive in about six to seven days. No one can predict what is going to happen next. Both the Zenit Empire and the Chambord Kingdom will be in immense danger. I have to hurry back… but this magic array…” Fei forced himself to calm down and start thinking of a possible solution.

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Outside the magic array, that golden skeleton finally slowly calmed down.

While he observed Fei as if he were a cat looking at a mouse, the red light in his eyes finally dimmed down and disappeared, and his white hair which was fluttering without wind also slowly fell back down. The evil and murderous aura could no longer be sensed from him as he returned to the decision maker of the church inside the Leon Empire. No one was able to tell that a terrifying demon was hidden inside this genial and kind body.

As he slowly walked out of the hall of the No.1 Church of Leon, more than 20 priests were standing on both sides of the gate respectfully. They were of various levels, and they were all wearing black uniform robes with white crosses on them. When they saw Priest John, they bowed to greet him.

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  1. viktor002

    The only weakness in his plan is that the Scepter of Creation is an inheritance as the golden skeleton itself said and inheritances were made to be inherited, therefore, as the Scepter appears to have a will of its own and chose to stay within the MC, it can already be seen that This pillar will not only provide a little help this time, but it may even provide greater power. Not a palpable power, but perhaps the answer to which way the strength of the MC will go.

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