Chapter 838: Church and State (Part One)

Fei had never felt so terrible as he had for the last three days. Like a patient who was suffering from an unstoppable fever, Fei felt like smoke was coming out of his body, and he wasn’t able to resist the waves of mystical energy which had hypnotic effects that were coming from the cosmos around him continuously.

This was why the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace] was so powerful; it was like cooking a frog in warm water. Even though Fei wanted to jump out and escape, he wasn’t in immediate danger, and the [Scepter of Creation] wouldn’t emit its power to help.

Inside Fei’s body, a continuous stream of holy power flooded in, and the mysterious stone pillar was shaking at a high frequency which was almost undetectable to the naked eye. Right now, its appearance also started to transform. The rough and coarse surface somehow became smooth, and the dull, sandpaper-like exterior started to show subtle yet mysterious and vague patterns. At the same time, its size had gradually decreased.

Fei didn’t know if this change was good or bad.

The only thing that calmed him down was that the mystical blood-like connection between him and the mysterious stone pillar stopped weakening last night. It seemed like the effect of the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace] had reached a tipping point, and it was no longer effective on this connection.

“It seems like there is no immediate danger now, but it is only temporary. A monster as old and calculative as the golden skeleton must has a lot of preparations, and he would only show his hand when he is sure that he can take me on. Since he knows the [Scepter of Creation] well, it means that this situation is within his estimation as well. He probably has other trump cards that he hasn’t shown yet… I’m too careless, and I must rely on Buckingham now. Damn, this powerless feeling sure is terrible!”

-Outside the No.1 Church of Leon-

Bishop John looked at the silent grand hall of the church, and his wrinkly face told others that he was anxious. Right now, his thick eyebrows were almost twisted together.

“It has been three full days, and it is still not successful! Do I really need to use that last method? If I do that, a lot of things will be exposed. This might destroy the plan that has spanned for over than 1,000 years… Eh? Whatever! It is more important to get my hands on the [Scepter of Creation] and the [Throne of Chaos]. With these two godly items of creation, I will be invincible even if the tragedy that occurred thousands of years ago reappears in the world!”

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-Royal Palace of Leon-

For the last three days, Emperor Juninho of Leon who had been very involved in the administrative function of the empire didn’t even leave the side palace where he reviewed all the documents, and he didn’t meet with any of the officials.

This was something rare. In the past, Emperor Juninho only acted this way when the Leon Empire was in a huge fate-changing war, or something significant and shocking occurred. He needed the time to think and make a good judgment.

The emperor’s strange behavior and the phenomenon which was occurring at the Gerland Parish of the Holy Church made Gerland City enter a strange state, and a rare intense and suffocating atmosphere spread all over the top-tier noble circle.

Of course, this intense atmosphere was also a result of Emperor Juninho’s new order.

The thing that stunned all the nobles in the Capital of Leon was that on the day after those two mysterious masters struck each other from afar at night, Emperor Juninho issued his verdict and dismissed all the accusations against King Buckingham. Also, the soldiers of the Ministry of Supervision who had been monitoring and surrounding the Buckingham Estate were also pulled out.

Emperor Juninho simply issued the order and didn’t explain anything, especially regarding whether or not King Buckingham had been framed.

This made everyone in the Capital of Leon talk to each other. People from nobles to merchants to ordinary citizens all chatted, trying to figure out the secret behind all this. As a result, all kinds of theories and guesses arose.

It was heard that King Milner who was in control of the Ministry of Supervision and an enemy of King Buckingham tried to enter the Royal Palace aggressively and ask Emperor Juninho to investigate the death of Merida, one of the five Supervision Knights, and punish the perpetrator. However, before he could even enter the side palace, he was knocked out of the Royal Palace by a punch from Emperor Juninho who was a Sun-Class Lord.

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