Chapter 839: The Giants’ Anger (Part One)

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At the same time, Buckingham was also shocked by what was happening.

In fact, the masters who were knowledgeable in Gerland City were stunned by what they saw.

As a series of loud bells sounded, a vast amount of holy power rose from the Gerland Parish of the Holy Church; this power was more than tens of thousands of time stronger than the prayer energy which was a result of tens of millions of people praying together. In an instant, this vast, ocean-like energy enveloped the entire Gerland City, making the world temporary lose its glamour as only white could be seen.

As if the world was filled with the white milk, the majestic Gerland City which was more than 50 kilometers in radius instantly fell under the control of the power of the Holy Church.

Even the Royal Palace of Leon was no exception; it was completely overtaken by the holy power.

The holy power was so obvious that one didn’t need to sense to detect it carefully. In fact, even ordinary people could see that white light, and they could feel the warmth in the air when they close their eyes. The holy elements in nature were almost condensed into a liquid, repelling all other elements of nature.

In this situation, the warriors and mages who relied on the other elements in battles were greatly weakened, but the priests and holy knights of the Holy Church could unleash four to five times their combat forces.

This was unbelievable!

Although the Holy Church was the most powerful force on the continent, the strength that it demonstrated wasn’t on this level. After all, the Gerland Parish of the Holy Church was only a mid-tier branch out of all the branches that the Holy Church had on the continent. However, it suddenly revealed that it was capable of such power!

Now, with this piece of information, it would be impossible to believe that the parishes of the Holy Church in the super empires didn’t have similar if not more powerful trump cards.

If the Holy Church that proclaimed itself to be uninterested in worldly power suddenly changed its mind, tragedy would strike. If they used such terrifying setups to increase the strength of their many believers, no empire on the continent could fight back!

This terrifying discovery was able to make any empires and decision makers shiver in fear after giving it some thought.

“Where did this terrifying power come from? This is not normal!” Emperor Juninho thought to himself.

Even if tens of millions of devoted believers prayed at the same time and contributed their prayer energy without holding back, this phenomenon couldn’t even occur. Even if a priest or a holy knight who was at the peak Burning Sun Realm ignited their vital holy power, such a terrifying scene wouldn’t happen. Perhaps this would only occur if the gods that the Holy Church worshipped descended from heaven and spread their powers.

However, it was clear that no gods appeared; there was no godly suppression that would come along with the appearance of the gods.

After the short moment of shock and pause, many operations began taking place inside Gerland City at high speed. A blue magic screen appeared, blocking the abundant holy elements. Then, a lot of masters appeared from the corners of the Royal Palace, repelling the holy elements and making sure that it was completely safe inside the Royal Palace.

Then, the military of the Leon, the soldiers from the Patrol Department, the private guards of the nobles, the knights of the Ministry of Supervision, and even some mercenary groups that weren’t technically under the control of Leon Empire coordinated with each other well without having a central command, and they appeared around the Gerland Parish of the Holy Church, seeming to surround it.

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