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Hail the King Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Your majesty, Please Forgive Me


Angela yelled in surprise as she turned around and looked at the figure that appeared behind her.

As soon as she saw that tall and strong figure, Angela felt like all the pressure instantly disappeared. Her eyes cleared up and all the anxiety and worries weighing on her mind were gone.

Lampard who was standing beside Angela finally loosen his grip on the hilt on his black sword, and gently let out a deep breath. The crowds on both sides of the street couldn’t help but to cheer quietly. King Alexander had arrived, and everyone felt like they had found their spiritual pillar. They firmly believed that nothing in this world would be a problem for the “omnipotent” King Alexander.

“Unlock the chains, then go away.”

Fei looked at the short and fat novice priest who was being too arrogant and said casually.

The novice priest was mad, however…… He clearly felt that this young man in front of him was very dangerous; it even gave him chills. His intuition told him to move away quickly, otherwise…… the consequence would be too severe.

As if he was hypnotized, the short and fat priest let go of his hands on the [Light Chain], and released the poor brown haired girl. The poor girl trembled as she ran behind Fei like a frightened bunny; Angela whispered to calm her down and stroked her hair to comfort her heart.

Fei stood in front of them. He didn’t say anything, he just glanced around with a calm expression on his face.

It was only a simple glance.

However, wherever he looked, the cavaliers’ retinues who were like vicious wolves were all terrified. They shook in fear as if a bunch of dogs saw the king of the jungle.

No one dared to stared back at Fei.

The novice priests who held the [Light Chain] tight in their hands felt like a sharp sword was placed beside their necks as soon as Fei gazed at them. The hands that were clutching onto the [Light Chains] trembled as they quickly released them; as if what they gripping in their hands weren’t the Church’s instrument [Light Chain] that they could tie up any noble on a regular day, but rather a piece of red-hot iron.

As if they were amnestied, the poor residents who were arrested quickly got off of the ground and raced to hide behind Fei’s back frighteningly.

In their eyes, this figure was the most indestructible castle wall in the whole world. Half a month ago when the black armoured enemies tried to siege the kingdom, this figure had blocked them out of the main gate. At this very moment, it was this figure that rescued them from the hands of the Grim Reaper in the nick of time.
“Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap……”

Fei completely ignored the novice priests and their retinue. He gently walked towards the gilded magic carriage. The dozens of guards who were taking everything seriously didn’t even dare to stop him. They all moved and made a path for him obediently, as if they were greeting their masters.

Fei laid his hand on the thrill of the gilded magic carriage and knocked it lightly: “Hey, come out. Let’s have a talk.”

There was no reaction within the carriage.

The silence was frightening.

“I don’t have a lot of patience.” Fei frowned. He tensed his body up and the strength of the level 20 Barbarian was about to burst out. It was the sign of an outbreak.

At this moment, “Creak!”

The sound of wooden surfaces scratching on each other was as quiet as mosquito humming, but it took everyone’s breath.

Because the [Two Legged Bald Rattlesnake] finally came out again.

“Oh, it’s Alexander his majesty……” Priest Zola opened the door. This time, the vicious rattlesnake didn’t stand high up on the footboard; instead, he bended his back and got off of the carriage. He smiled as he gently bowed: “I was about to visit his majesty, and congratulate King Alexander about the formal canonization from Zenit Empire in five days……Hehehe, I didn’t expect to meet his majesty this soon. Please accept the congratulation from Zola and the Holy Church.”

The chins of people around them almost slammed to the ground.

Those cavaliers’ retinues and novice priests opened their eyes wide, they couldn’t believe what was going on. They all stared at this Priest Zola as if he was a stranger to them.

“This is crazy. When did our arrogant Mr. Priest turn into a kind and gentle elder? His attitude was even…… he was trying to please the young king? What is going on?”

Only Lampard who was standing further away saw that when Zola came out of the carriage, he quickly glanced at the knight Luciano, and the latter shook his head secretly.

Unfortunately, Fei ignored the rattlesnake’s pleasing.

He didn’t even politely respond.

“Why did you arrest my subjects?” Fei pointed at the few young men and women who were still trembling and standing beside Angela, and asked bluntly. His eyebrows were slightly furrowed as he started at Zola sharply, as if Zola couldn’t give him a satisfactory answer, he would scrape the flesh off of Zola’s bones piece by piece.

Surprisingly, the rattlesnake demonstrated patience that was disproportionate to his personality when he heard the offensive questioning. He looked in the direction that Fei was pointing as a surprising expression appeared on his face, as if he had no idea what just happened. He laughed: “Hehehe, so your majesty is angry at this matter. I just suddenly realized a second ago that perhaps Angela her highness was correct. There might be some misunderstanding. Release them, quickly release them…… King Alexander, the Church had received the message that the evil undead magic appeared around Chambord. Bishop Sergievsky specifically remind me to investigate about this matter in detail. As the person in charge of the church at Chambord, I had no choice!”

“This is the first time, so I won’t hold you accountable for this…… However, if the Holy Church wants to arrest my subjects from now on, you better let me the king know!”

Fei’s expression didn’t change a bit when Zola was being overly enthusiastic to please him; he was even too lazy to put up a smile on his face. He stopped staring at Zola and glanced around. His eyes landed on the whip that was dripping blood in Knight Luciano’s hand. He pointed at him and shouted: “You, get off the horse and come here!”

Luciano was stunned.

In the next second, the knight was suddenly engulfed in uncontrollable anger.

“How dare this ant like king offend me, a three-star Holy Knight from the Holy Church!” As Luciano was rubbing his beard and about to explode, he suddenly saw Priest Zola who was standing beside Fei slightly shake his head. It instantly reminded Luciano about the description of this king on the information that the Holy Church collected. Luciano’s mind cleared and a lot of the anger dissipated. He held back the rest of the anger as he jumped off of the horse and walked to Fei.

“King Alexander, what do you need?”

Fei looked at him and pointed at the poor women that he whipped earlier who had fainted due to the pain. As if he didn’t want to talk to him, only a short sentence came out of his mouth: “Apologize and compensate 100 gold coins.”

“You……” Luciano was having a hard time holding back his anger.

However, Zola suddenly reached out and lightly pulled Luciano’s cape, then winked to signal the novice priest who was standing behind him. That novice priest was smart guy, he instantly knew what Zola wanted. He quickly took out 100 gold coins and put it in Luciano’s hand. This bearded knight walked to the women reluctantly under Zola’s repeated signals, sprinkled the gold coins onto the woman’s body, humphed, turned around and was about to walk away……

“Stop, you haven’t apologized yet!”

After seeing that, Fei suddenly shouted and stopped him.

Knight Luciano instantly turned around, faced Fei and a silver [Battle Ring] appeared under his feet, and grew out to a five, six yards radius. His imposing manner and strength was skyrocketing. The power of the three-star warrior was fully exposed. Luciano stared at Fei coldly, the meaning was obvious – “Don’t go too far, I don’t care that you are the king.”

Fei switched to Paladin Mode

He didn’t say anything.

He slowly walked toward Luciano step by step.

When he took the third step, something magical happened – You could see a golden [Battle Ring] appearing under his feet and started to expand outward. Although the level 12 Paladin wasn’t as strong and oppressive as Luciano, but the golden [Battle Ring] shocked everyone from the Holy Church including Zola.

“How could this be?”

“It’s a golden [Battle Ring]?”

That was the type of [Battle Ring] that only the favourite children of the supreme God could have. Out of the hundreds of thousands of Holy Knights that the Church had, most of them only had silver colored [Battle Rings]. The ones that had golden [Battle Ring] were the real elites. Although the chances of having golden [Battle Ring] was less than one in a hundred thousand Holy Knights, as soon as those Holy Knights appeared, they would all receive the God’s blessings and became Gurus and mighty, influential leaders in the Holy Church.

Even though the [Two Legged Bald Rattlesnake] Zola could think of more than a thousand secretive deadly tricks and traps in a blink of an eye, at this moment he was in a deep shock. So deep that he couldn’t even think and process information properly.

When all the Holy Church stuffs were rubbing their eyes and making sure that they were not hallucinating, something even more magical happened. When Fei took the fourth step, another golden [Battle Ring] appeared under his feet and started spreading. The two golden [Battle Rings] shifted like waves; although their colors were similar, they were totally different. Everyone could feel the two different scary holy powers that had different properties and effects.

“Apologize, now!”

Fei didn’t hold back any Auras of the level 12 Paladin. He looked like a god that was enveloped in a layer of golden holy energy. The black hair fluttered in the air, and the tips were coated in gold. He appeared supremely majesty, and no one dared to look at him in the eyes. His cold words were like a heavy hammer that smashed Knight Luciano’s head.

Paladin from the Diablo World had too many similar abilities with the Holy Knight from the Holy Church in the real world. They were almost all identical. Even “Aura” and the “Holy Energy” were so similar, no one could tell the difference. Everyone thought King Alexander was a hermit Holy Knight that had a high status at the Holy Church. They were all aghast.

Knight Luciano started trembling irresistibly.

As soon as the golden [Battle Ring] appear, all of his resistance dissolved, he didn’t dare to go against Fei’s will anymore. His face paled as he looked at Fei, a pleading expression filled his eyes.

“Your majesty…… please forgive me!” Luciano kneeled down in front of Fei.

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