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Hail the King Chapter 840.1

Chapter 840: Emperor’s Help (Part One)

“Damn! This b*stard Buckingham! Is he really going to ignore me and not lend a helping hand?”

Since Fei didn’t receive any help for more than three days, the king was getting a little anxious.

This was the biggest crisis that he had faced since coming to Azeroth. Even though Fei was a mighty Hell Mode barbarian who had the insane physical strength and a strong body, he was at a breaking point. After all, he had been enduring for a very long time.

However, his extensive battle experience in both the real world and Diablo World told Fei that he had to keep calm during the most dangerous times. Therefore, he didn’t panic and continued to fight back.

“Damn it! F*ck it!”

Fei summoned the [Throne of Chaos] and injected all of his energy into this throne. At the same time, he consumed a portion of his experience points and used [Summon] which was one of the three miraculous skills that he hadn’t used in a long time.

He summoned one of the bosses from Diablo World – [Lord of Pain] Duriel.

A giant blue portal appeared in the cosmos space created by the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace] silently.

Then, a few bright light beams appeared, and a hand with claws on the end of each finger and back hooks on its back traveled through the void and pierced through this light gate, showing itself in this magic array.

Next, [Lord of Pain] Duriel, one of the four lords of hell in Diablo World, dashed out of the portal without hesitation and roared, creating a series of powerful sound waves.

Fei calmed down a little more.

Although the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace] was a god-tier magic array, it wasn’t completely invincible. [Summon] was on par with the miraculous skills [Learn] and [Give], and it was effective in this surreal cosmos space, getting Fei a chance of surviving this crisis.

Duriel was essentially a god of hell in Diablo World, and its power was extremely evil, standing at the other end of the power spectrum when compared with holy power. Therefore, they were counters to each other.

Therefore, as soon as Duriel entered the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace], it was attacked by the abundant holy power that was everywhere in this cosmos space.

Immediately, a series of hissing noises sounded as if a fatty piece of meat was on the grill, and this arrogant god from another world screamed in pain and anger.

Streaks of green smoke rose from his mountain-like body, and a foul smell instantly permeated the space.

“What is this?” the golden skeleton’s surprised voice sounded in this space.

“This is your grandpa!” Fei roared and continued to dodge Duriel’s brutal attacks using the fast speed of the [Throne of Chaos], waiting for an excellent opportunity.

The amount of dark energy that Duriel had was no match for the immerse holy power that was gushing into the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace] at an incredible speed. However, the bosses in Hell Mode already had some godly power. Even though it wasn’t much, it had magical effects in a mortal world.

The immense holy power and the pure and sharp dark energy finally triggered a giant explosion like an ignited keg after a short moment of battle.

The indescribable and intense explosive energy waves seemed like the big bang had just occurred again, finally affecting the cosmos space created by the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace] in a dramatic way. Large ripples started to appear in the space, and fluttering noises sounded like a piece of paper was being blown in the wind, seeming like it was going to be torn at any moment now.

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  1. eh

    really confused how the author came to the conclusion that fei couldn’t open a portal to the diablo world to escape but he can open a portal from the diablo world to bring a boss from that realm, doesn’t make any sense at all.

    • Ejaz Ahmed

      this is called plot armor with some extra filler chapters to earn some money.

    • LightK

      so i wasn’t the only one who think this was absolute bullshit

  2. bob

    Is actually pretty logical thinking about it As he can’t escape through the portal going out but it didn’t say anything about him Summoning something in Using a A skill that is close to God like In that case he didn’t actually Open a portal himself it was more like Duriel opened it

    • Cynex

      Yeah i mean summon is one of the three GOD abilities he got. I mean unable to escape using a portal inside a GOD tier array is more likely than being able to use one of the three GOD like abilities

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