Chapter 841: Escaping from the Trap (Part One)

-A little bit earlier, in front of the gate of the No.1 Church in the Gerland Parish-

“Damn it! What is going on? How can he summon an entity inside the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace]? This is a god-tier magic array! What is this ugly worm?  Why do I sense a trace of godly power on it?”

When Bishop John who was possessed by the golden skeleton saw Duriel appearing inside the magic array, he was instantly stunned, and he almost wasn’t able to recover.

When the first explosion sounded, he instantly understood Fei’s intention, and he shivered in fear. Like a flash of white lightning, he dashed around inside and outside of the No.1 Church, trying to fix and restore the energy paths of this god-tier magic array that were destroyed by the explosions. While he did these things, he was shocked beyond belief.

All this was beyond his imagination. If he were inside the magic array, the explosions would have killed him! After all, the strength that he had recovered was too weak, and he would be torn into bone fragments. He had thought that Fei was a sheep that had fallen into his trap, but this king almost destroyed the trap and got out. This finding shocked and angered the golden skeleton.

Fortunately for him, he reacted in time and repaired the energy paths that were close to being broken.

“You are trapped! Alexander! Give up! You can’t get out!” After being frightened, the golden skeleton stood outside the No.1 Church, and he roared viciously and angrily.

At this moment, a silver needle-like sword energy suddenly dashed across the sky and appeared in the region. Then, this sword energy hit a bright silver magic energy path on the arched gate of the No.1 Church accurately…

“Damn it! Who is it…” The golden skeleton had used a lot of his energy to repair the god-tier magic array, and this person who attacked was not weaker than him. Therefore, there was no way that he could block this sword energy.


An explosion that wasn’t too loud sounded in the area.

“Hahaha! Old Monster! F*ck you! I’m out…” A silver light flashed by, and Fei who was sitting on the [Throne of Chaos] laughed proudly yet angrily. By using that sliver of the crack in the god-tier magic array which was created by that silver sword energy, Fei finally escaped from this powerful trap.


The first thing that Fei did when he got out was revenge.

Fei waved his hands, and more than 100 golden energy fists appeared and dashed toward the golden skeleton murderously from all directions like meteors.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Substantial injuries appeared on the body of Bishop John, and blood spilled as his physical body was smashed.

Then, a dash of golden light flashed in the blood and flew toward the distance.

The golden skeleton was extremely disappointed and angry, but he knew that he was no match for the King of Chambord. After thinking back to the techniques of the King of Chambord, the golden skeleton knew that he would be severely injured even if he didn’t get killed. Seeing that the King of Chambord just got out and was in high spirits, the golden skeleton got afraid and decided to ditch Old John’s body and escape as soon as he could.

“Damn it! If I let you escape this time, I will take on your last name!”

Fei was angry at this golden skeleton and was also afraid of him. He didn’t know what kind of disasters would be caused by this monster, so he was not willing to let him go.

As silver energy flames flashed around the [Throne of Chaos], Fei and this throne turned into a dash of light and chased after this golden skeleton as the king cursed.

One golden and one silver, the two dashes of light instantly pierced through the white holy elements that filled the area, disappearing into the horizon.

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