Chapter 842: Arrogant Envoys (Part One)

-The Zenit Empire, St. Petersburg-

Once the war in the southern region of Zenit entered stalemate, the turbulence and chaos in the Zenit Empire became more evident.

After Fourth Prince Chrystal got defeated in the southern region of Zenit, he lost all the support from the Royal Family, the nobles, and the citizens, becoming an insignificant figure in this chaotic world. Only he knew if he were keeping a low profile and trying to redeem himself later. At least right now, no one in the empire believed that this talentless prince could gain another opportunity.

The military control in the southern region of Zenit was temporarily in control of the hands of Second Prince Dominguez, and this prince who had been away from military power for a long time and never got a chance to demonstrate his military abilities finally got his opportunity. Although he wasn’t as talented and invincible like Zenit’s God of War, Elder Prince Arshavin, he stalled the Ten-Empire United Troops in the southern region of Zenit with only less than 100,000 soldiers, garnering much praise and support from citizens and nobles.

It was heard that Emperor Yassin was still ill, and the military and political power were all controlled by the Imperial Military Headquarters, the Imperial Senate, and Elder Prince Arshavin.

The reputation and strength of the King of Chambord, the most famous noble of Zenit, had reached an unchallengeable peak in Zenit after becoming the Imperial Martial Saint. Some noble forces weren’t pleased by this grassroots force known as Chambord that broke the power dynamics in the region, but they had to submit and accept the raise of Chambordians.

However, these forces that had laid low for a while started to get active as the rumors about King Alexander of Chambord betraying humans spread in the region.

In the short half a month, the situation in the Zenit Empire changed drastically, and it felt like no one could measure the pulse which was twitching fast and flashing.

The pressure was coming from all directions like waves. Many empires in the region had issued notifications to Zenit, requesting the Royal Family to explain the incident involving the King of Chambord. After all, releasing an evil sea god would definitely affect the empires around the [Sea of Fragrance] and potentially all the humans in the Northern Region of Azeroth. As a result, many empires and kingdoms were angered by this, and chants of hanging every single Chambordian started to echo in the empires in the region.

In just a short time, the Zenit Empire was becoming the public enemy of all the humans in the Northern Region of Azeroth due to Fei.

Facing the drastic change in the environment, the Royal Family of Zenit somehow kept strangely silent. However, the noble forces inside the empire were divided as expected, and they argued with each other. Some people firmly believed in Alexander and supported the new Imperial Martial Saint, and the others advocated for the stripping of the King of Chambord’s noble title, enslaving all Chambordians, and hanging all the members of the Royal Family of Chambord. In their mind, this was the only way to provide an answer to the forces and empires in the region so that the Zenit Empire wouldn’t be attacked and conquered by others.

However, compared with the nobles who were divided and battled each other indirectly, the citizens of Zenit were firmer.

Right now, the millions of residents in St. Petersburg still clearly remembered how the King of Chambord descended from the sky and saved the desperate situation when the Ten-Empire United Troops laid siege to the Capital of Zenit. Even if the rumors seemed like the truth, none of the ordinary citizens believed that such a hero of Zenit would become the despicable and shameful criminal in the rumors. They didn’t want to consider it.

For several days now, everyone was talking about this on the streets and alleys in St. Petersburg. They promoted the heroic deeds of the Imperial Martial Saint and scolded the nobles for being timid and weak in front of external forces. They also chanted and requested the Royal Family to protect the Imperial Martial Saint. In addition, once they heard people spreading rumors, they swarmed up and beat these people senseless. In fact, some people even promoted the idea of waging wars against all these empires who were defaming their hero!

Unfortunately, the ordinary citizens were all of low-status, and their words held little weight. Therefore, not many nobles were willing to listen to their ideas and perspectives.

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