Chapter 843: The Decision of the Imperial Senate (Part One)

“I don’t really like the way that they are looking at us…” The cavalier of Anji who spoke first replied. Then, he turned around and pointed at an old man in a coarse robe who was standing on the right side of the street with his horsewhip as he shouted, “For example, this old guy… What are you looking at? Old guy, I will kill you with one strike of my whip!”

“Yuck!” This old man was only someone who was selling fruit on the street, but he spat on the ground without fear when he heard this Anji cavalier’s shout.

“You old dog! I will kill you!” This cavalier was enraged.

He was of prestigious status, and he had never been disrespected like this before by someone insignificant. As a result, he whipped down at this old man without hesitation.

The force contained within this whip was powerful, leaving a series of afterimages in the air and creating a loud air-piercing noise. If it landed on a rock, the latter would be smashed into pieces.

The people in the area gasped, but they couldn’t do anything but to watch the tragedy to unfold.


A quiet sound echoed on the street, but no blood was spilled. A black-tower-like figure appeared, and he raised his hand and grabbed onto this Anji cavalier’s wrist. This man was one of the cavaliers of the [Iron Blood Legion], the personal troop of Elder Prince Arshavin, who led the way.

“You… how dare you to stop me?” This cavalier of Anji was mad.

“Envoy, please restrain yourself. This is the Capital of Zenit, not the territory of your Anji Empire.” This burly cavalier of the [Iron Blood Legion] stated in his deep voice using a cold tone. He was wearing black armor and riding on a black horse, looking powerful.

After he said that, he looked at the Anji cavalier coldly before letting go of the latter’s wrist.

“Great! This is how the soldiers of our Zenit should behave!” The ordinary citizens of Zenit on the side of the street clapped and cheered when they saw this scene, and some of them cursed back at that cavalier of Anji. For a moment, the crowd was stirred up.

Under such pressure, this cavalier of Anji was a little afraid, and he stopped what he tried to do. However, he still pointed at that old man with his whip and said, “Old dog, I remember you now! Hehe, be careful! You might fall and break your leg at midnight!”

“The cavaliers of Zenit sure are brave and courageous.” Suddenly, a young boy who looked only to be 14 years old poked his head out of the fancy horse-drawn carriage, and he glanced at this black-tower-like cavalier of the [Iron Blood Legion] with a strange smile. As a well-hidden murderous spirit flashed in his seemingly bright eyes, he laughed and said, “I’m Moreau, the envoy of the Anji Empire. Cavalier, what is your name? I can remember you better.”

“Humph! Want to cause trouble for me? You are little, so why are you acting all adult-like? Pretentious! I’m Andrew Johnson, one of the Centurions in the [Iron Blood Legion] under the wings of Arshavin His Highness. If you are upset, come and find me.”

This burly cavalier of Zenit looked careless but instantly saw the desire for revenge deeply hidden in this young envoy’s eyes, and he replied in disdain.

“You… great! This is great! I remember you now! Soldier, I hope you are still this proud when I meet you next time.”

Envoy Moreau of Anji sneered and sat back into his carriage before shutting the door forcefully.

After threatening, Moreau didn’t say anything else, and that Anji cavalier stared at that old man and glanced around viciously before snorting and moving forward with his group.

“Yuck! A little b*tch! Want to scare me? My son is a warrior who fought alongside Mr. Martial Saint and protected the Capital! Hehe, these b*stards, they can only bully the weak. They only dare to conspire against the family and friends of Martial Saint Alexander when he isn’t here. If Mr. Martial Saint is here, they won’t dare to act this arrogantly, and they would be hiding in fear!”

That old man who sold fruits cursed at the envoy groups and spat on the ground again in disdain, and the people around him cheered him on.

It didn’t matter what the nobles said. In the St. Petersburg Protection Battle which happened not long ago, the ordinary citizens and soldiers were the direct beneficiaries of Fei’s heroic deed. If Fei didn’t defeat the top-tier masters of the Ten-Empire United Troops in time, the ordinary citizens and soldiers of Zenit would have died under the blades of the invaders when the city was conquered. Therefore, Fei’s reputation and influence among these people was the highest.

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