Chapter 844: Idiot, What Are You Laughing About (Part One)

When it was the nightfall, the noisy St. Petersburg finally started to quiet down, and fewer and fewer people were on the street.

Although the empire put a stop to the curfew three days ago, this was still the era filled with chaos, and the night always brought people a sense of danger. Compared to staying out, it felt safer staying home.

It started to rain, and the wet road felt chilly under the illumination of the yellow street light.

Uncle Sam was an ordinary fruit vendor in St. Petersburg. He was close to 60 years old, and his hair and beard all turned white. His body was still sturdy, but his family was poor. He lived in a poor neighborhood in St. Petersburg, and he was in the lowest social class. In fact, he didn’t even have a set booth where he could sell fruits; he had to carry a pole on his shoulder and place the fruits in the baskets on the two ends, and he must wander around the city and try to sell them. Therefore, it was exhausting every day.

Today, the business wasn’t good. Also, since those eight envoy groups came to St. Petersburg and caused some blockage on the street, more than half of the fruits weren’t sold when it was already dark. Uncle Sam wandered on the road for a bit longer, and he only started to head back home in disappointment when it was getting late.

“Too bad… Tomorrow, probably no one will want any of these fruits…” Uncle Sam sighed. After working a long day, he didn’t even earn back the cost. His life was going to get even harder for the next little while.

The dark magic street lights made this senior look even more lonely and helpless.

“Huh? Uncle, you still haven’t gone back yet?” A loud voice sounded from one side as two muscular men walked out of a side street, and one of them smiled and greeted Old Sam from far away.

“You… you know me?” Old Sam froze for a moment. These two strangers made him alert.

“Hahaha! When you scolded that damn envoy from the Anji Empire, we both were in the crowd.” One of the men who had long black hair that was tied behind his head into a ponytail pointed out his thumb and praised Old Sam, “Uncle, you were amazing!”

This man had dark skin, looking like he was cast out of iron.

The other muscular man with needle-like short white hair also gave Old Sam a friendly smile.

When he heard these two men mention that, Old Sam instantly felt more intimate toward them. His guard dropped, and he put the baskets and the carrying pole on the ground to take a break. Like a proud kid, he raised his head and said, “This is nothing! You two are young, and you don’t know much. Mr. Martial Saint was really heroic, and he simply roared and scared away millions of enemies! All the masters of the Ten-Empire United Troops were nothing in front of him, and they could only flee with tails between their legs. Such a heroic figure is like a god! Those few envoys from the Anji Empire are as weak as ants compared to Mr. Martial Saint! How dare they act so arrogant in the Capital of Zenit? Hehe, although I’m only an old man who is selling fruits, I need to stand out and say something. Otherwise, the honor of Mr. Martial Saint would have been stained.”

“Uncle, it seems like you know a lot about Mr. Martial Saint,” the white-haired man laughed.

“Of course! My son was a soldier in the [Iron Blood Legion] and served under Elder Prince Arshavin. Although he was only a little ordinary soldier, he had battled alongside Mr. Martial Saint.” This old man was very proud when he mentioned his son.

“Wow, I see. Senior, you have a good son! What is he doing now? After you say that, I really want to meet him!” The black-haired man said with an envious expression.

Old Sam’s expression suddenly turned dark, and he said, “He was young and strong just like you, born to be a soldier. Unfortunately… he… he already died in the St. Petersburg Defense Battle.”

The smiles on these two men’s faces froze.

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