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Hail the King Chapter 845.1

Chapter 845: Ah! It Is You Guys! (Part One)

The black-haired strongman took a big bite out of the pear and wiped his mouth clean before saying, “Are you trying to say, ‘even if you shout louder and lose your voice, no one will come and save you?’ Too bad that this scene is a bit strange since you are saying this to a senior. It is a bit cringey to be honest.”

“You pig!” The white-haired strongman shouted, “His Majesty already said that you don’t use the word ‘cringey’ that way!”

The black-haired strongman didn’t mind as he giggled and refuted, “His Majesty said that we need to apply what we learn. I think this is a good use. After all, these dumb*sses don’t understand it.”

The white-haired strongman replied, “Eh, it seems like this word ‘dumb*ss’ is being used correctly.”

The Anji cavalier froze for a second and seemed to have understood the mockery in these two men’s words, and he was enraged.

“You two dirty Zenitian dogs! You are bold! You are about to die, and you don’t even know it! Since you ran into us, you two can die with this old dog! Tomorrow morning, your corpses will all be the excretion of the mice in the ditches. Let’s go! Kill these two trouble makers first!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Several shadows flashed, and the warriors who came with this cavalier sneered and charged forward.

They were all elite soldiers of Anji who obtained warrior energy, and it was easy for them to kill ordinary people like killing chickens with god-tier combat weapons.

However, it seemed like the god-tier combat weapons weren’t working today.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

A series of face-slapping noises sounded.

The soldiers who charged up while sneering all screamed and flew back. Bright red handprints appeared on their faces that were now all swollen like rotten peaches, and their teeth fell onto the ground. While streaks of blood slid down their lips, their expressions showed that they were stunned as if their parents died.

Also, that cavalier of Anji looked terrible as if he just ate a rotten mouse.

Now, he finally could tell that these two strongmen who looked like pigs while eating were indeed powerful masters. That black-haired strongman only waved his hand as if he were trying to get rid of a fly, but that knocked away more than ten Three-Star Warriors. Also, their faces were all hit at the same place. It meant that this black-haired strongman was insanely accurate and mighty.

“In this large St. Petersburg, finding a person is no different to finding a needle in the ocean. As guests, it is impossible for you to find Uncle Sam on your own in such a short time. Tell me, which noble force in Zenit is helping you?”

The white-haired strongman wiped his hands clean on his clothes casually and got rid of all the pear juice. Then, he stood up and asked in all seriousness.

The cavalier of Anji had cold sweat all over his forehead.

He didn’t think much of this white-haired strongman, but he now felt like there was a mountain on his back after this man glanced at him casually. This pressure made it hard for him to breathe, and he now realized that these two men had strengths that were beyond his comprehension. Like an ant that was facing a dragon, they weren’t in the same weight class.

“You… who are you?” This cavalier of Anji slowly backed away.

“F*ck! Don’t you understand human language? I’m asking you a question.”

The white-haired strongman was enraged, and he waved his hand, capturing and bring this Six-Star cavalier of Anji over even though there was a distance between them before moving him over. During this process, this cavalier of Anji looked like a dog with its leash on, and he wasn’t able to get away.

Then, a large hand grabbed his neck before the other hand slapped his face repeatedly.

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