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Hail the King Chapter 846.1

Chapter 846: Returning to the Capital (Part One)

Drogba and Pierce were both Moon-Class Elites, and they followed Lampard and Military Advisor Old Aryang to the war in the southern region of Zenit and assisted Second Prince Dominguez. They had accumulated extensive battle experience, and they sharpened their mind and will on the battlefield. Although their strengths didn’t skyrocket, their mentalities were elevated.

Right now, both of them were at the mid-tier Half Moon Realm, and only a few mysterious masters could rival them in St. Petersburg. Therefore, with their strengths, they could almost do anything they want. Taking care of these few warriors of the Anji Empire was like playing for these dull strongmen, and they didn’t worry much about this.

After entering the courtyard, they met an ordinary-looking young man who seemed like a worker here. They each said the secret codes that corresponded, and that young man immediately turned respectful before leading them into the pavilion and down to the dark basement.

This basement was empty; there was nothing except for a portal which the destination of the teleportation was known. Right now, it was flashing and operating smoothly.

The two of them stepped into the portal, and a light flashed. When they opened their eyes again, they saw that they were inside an even more mysterious basement. The semi-god-tier runes were everywhere on the walls, blocking all possible auras in this space. It felt like this space was created inside the void, and it was secure; no one could find it.

“Hahaha! Two generals! Long time no see!” crisp laughter sounded as a blond young man with a silver half-mask stood up and greeted them.

“Mr. Modric!” Pierce and Drogba didn’t dare to slight him.

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Although Modric joined Chambord and served Fei later compared to these two strongmen, the king placed great importance on this young man whose nickname was [Young Man]. He could be counted as one of the core members of Chambord, and his status was even beyond Drogba and Pierce. Also, all the high-level officials of Chambord had witnessed the hard work that Modric had put into the [Letter Office] that fueled the Chambord Kingdom’s rise, and these two strongmen respected this man who was younger than them from the bottom of their hearts.

It wasn’t clear where exactly this mysterious room was. In this large room, except for [Young Man] Modric, Pierce, and Drogba, there were four powerful New Moon Elites of the [Letter Office] present. After the three top-tier officials of Chambord greeted each other, they waited for something patiently.

In the center of the mysterious room, there were some magic runes engraved on the ground, and it seemed like they were used for marking the locations.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

A series of space-tearing noises sounded. As the magic array continued to flash, a sky-blue oval-shaped portal appeared on the magic array. The magic energy flames continued to expand and contract, and a tall figure whom everyone was waiting for appeared and walked out of the portal like a flash of lightning after it stabilized.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” The seven masters in this room all kneeled.

This man was in a white robe, and his black hair was as thick as the waterfall. He was tall, and his muscles gave off a wild presence even though they weren’t bulging that much. As if this man were made from a piece of godly iron, he was glistening, and he was handsome. His eyebrows were sharp, his eyes were shiny, and he looked dignified even though he wasn’t displaying any emotions. He was none other than King Alexander who liked showing off.

After he was locked inside the [Sad Sigh of Godly Grace] that was created by the golden skeleton for four days, Fei was worried that he might be late, so he contacted the [Letter Office] and traveled through more than 20 super-long-distance portable teleportation arrays and used a lot of magic crystals. However, he was able to come back to St. Petersburg in only one day; he arrived even earlier than D’Alessandro and the Moon-Class Elites who were eager to destroy the Chambord Kingdom.

“Get up.” Fei lightly raised his hands, and a soft and gentle energy rushed out of his body and propped up these seven people.

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