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Hail the King Chapter 847.1

Chapter 847: Crisis Approaches (Part One)

“This sure fit D’Alessandro’s personality. He is an egomaniac, and the people around him are not much better. Do they really naively think that a disciple of the Continental Martial Saint and more than 40 masters who are on and above the realm of Moon-Class can dominate the Zenit Empire? Do they really think that they could destroy the Royal Family of Zenit?”

Fei sneered after hearing what Modric said, “They divided into two groups? Hehe, we don’t need to worry about the group led by D’Alessandro; there will be people who can handle them. In terms of the group led by Albeda, hehe… inform Mr. Brook and Mr. Bast, and tell them to send the masters of Chambord to ambush them! I want to see them lose half of their people before they reach the territory of Chambord! We will see who are fortunate enough to see our Chambord City!”

“As you wish!”

[Young Man] Modric instantly became high spirited. The confidence that the king demonstrated made him, a loyal subordinate, believe in the kingdom even more. Therefore, he immediately turned around and passed down the king’s command.

Soon, several dark-red hummingbirds dashed into the sky. As they chirped, they jumped into the void like fish into the water, quickly disappearing as they traveled through space.

After Modric organized everything, he returned to the room, thought about some issues, and suggested, “Your Majesty, the group led by Albeda is nothing to be worried about, but the group led by D’Alessandro is the truly terrifying force. According to the information that we gathered, this No.2 Disciple of the Continental Martial Saint perhaps has reached peak Burning Sun Realm, and he said that he is invincible in the Northern Region of Azeroth. The Moon-Class Elites who came with him don’t pose threats, but we have to be careful of this person.”

Fei lowered his head and pondered for a while. Then, he said, “You are right, but don’t underestimate the power of the Royal Family of Zenit. Don’t change the setup of our forces in St. Petersburg, and order the members of the [Letter Office] to pay close attention to the group led by D’Alessandro. Report as soon as something seems off.”

“As you wish.” Modric knew that the king already made plans, so he calmed down and left the room.

“Wait for a second!” Fei suddenly called out and stopped him. The king reminded Modric, “Tell everyone to be more careful; we only need D’Alessandro’s rough whereabouts. Tell them not to monitor too closely just in case that D’Alessandro spots them.”

“Your Majesty, don’t worry. I will send the best scouts to do this.”

“Eh, sounds good. Still, safety first!”

“As you wish!”

Modric turned around and left the room.

Fei slowly sat back in his chair and tried to think of ways to handle what was about to occur.

He had seen D’Alessandro’s strength at the bottom of the sea. Except for Evil God Kluivert and Continental Martial Saint Maradona’s vague shadow, this No.2 Disciple of Continental Martial Saint Maradona was the most powerful warrior that Fei had ever encountered. Also, his strength was either at peak Burning Sun Realm or above, and Fei was no match for this person with his current power excluding the [Scepter of Creation].

However, D’Alessandro’s arrival was an opportunity for Fei.

In this environment, the various forces inside the Zenit Empire would express their stances more clearly, and Fei would be able to see where people’s minds were. Also, Fei never got a good grasp of Emperor Yassin’s strength. Since D’Alessandro came to Zenit so aggressively, he and Emperor Yassin were going to collide forcefully. Perhaps Fei could get a good observation this time.

After thinking everything through, Fei put things aside and entered Diablo World to kill monsters and level up.

He had been locked inside the [Sad Sign of Godly Grace], and he had wasted a lot of time. Before the real challenge came, Fei had to increase his strength as fast as he could.

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