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Hail the King Chapter 848.1

Chapter 848: Ambush at Half-Way (Part One)

“We are almost at the territory of Chambord. I heard that the King of Chambord’s wedding wasn’t long ago, and many empires sent masters to cause trouble. In fact, it is heard that even the masters of the Holy Church joined in. In the end, they were smashed by the Chambordians. It seems like this Chambord Kingdom is not that simple; we better be careful.” A grey-haired Moon-Class Elite who was about 50 years old reminded his peers worriedly.

“Haha! Silver-Haired Master! How can you believe such ridiculous rumors? It seems like the older you get, the more scared you are.” Moon-Class Elite Oliveira who was muscular and looked like a mercenary laughed and disregarded all the concerns.

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“Haha! Yeah! Rumors are saying that the Chambord City has more than ten powerful Moon-Class Elites known as the Gold Saints, and there are even Sun-Class Lord protecting the kingdom. Ridiculous… Just think about it! Even its parent empire, Zenit, doesn’t have such strength! Chambord is only a level 1 affiliated kingdom who recently came to people’s attention. How much power can it have? In my opinion, these dirty Chambordians are like chickens and dogs in front of us! We should be able to kill them easily.” O’Henry who was about 30 years old was arrogant, but he was only at the New Moon Realm, and his realm seemed unstable.

“Yeah, guys, don’t worry. Let’s speed up the process. Our goal is to kill all the masters of Chambord and wipe out all officials of Chambord before Mr. D’Alessandro gets to St. Petersburg. We need to coordinate well and instantly establish dominance. We will let the people who are supporting this dirty Zenitian Alexander that this is the end for them!”

Zeman who was short and fat looked at Albeda, the only Sun-Class Lord in the group, with a flattering smile on his face. His eyes were small, and his head looked like a mouse’s. He thought for a bit and added, “With Mr. Albeda with us, even if the gods are protecting the Chambordians, they are useless in front of Mr. Albeda’s power. We have nothing to be worried about!”

It was clear that he was flattering Albeda.

Many others instantly agreed with Zeman immediately. Those Moon-Class Elites who hadn’t gotten the chance to speak all showed their admiration for this Sun-Class Lord from the Anji Empire. These people liked following the people with power, and they lacked the dignity of Moon-Class Elites.

“We can’t say these things,” Albeda replied with an arrogant, superior expression, “I heard that the King of Chambord is extremely powerful, and he is already a Sun-Class Lord despite his young age. He is an extraordinary cultivation genius. Unfortunately, this person has joined the Sea Tribe and betrayed humanity. He is someone who deserves my attention, and I’m interested in battling him. However, we don’t have his trace. Except for him, no one else could pique my interest.”

“Haha! That is right! Mr. Albeda, you don’t need to do anything! This is just a level 1 affiliated kingdom of a level 1 empire! We can handle everything!” Zeman followed Albeda tightly and flattered non-stop.

“Yeah! We can do all the work! It is rumored that Chambord City is rich. After we conquer this city, you and Mr. D’Alessandro can take all the treasures! We are already honored to serve you!” Someone else flattered.

“No need; you guys can divide what the Chambord Kingdom has. It is only a little affiliated kingdom; what kind of treasures could it have that could attract the interest of Mr. D’Alessandro and me?” Albeda replied in disdain. Although the Emperor of Anji reminded him several times to not underestimate the Chambordians, he was a Sun-Class Lord, and his pride completely disregarded this affiliated kingdom; he didn’t think there would be anything that would excite him.

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