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Hail the King Chapter 848.2

Chapter 848: Ambush at Half-Way (Part Two)

Zeman suddenly smiled wickedly and said, “It is also rumored that the two Queens of Chambord are unparalleled beauties. If we can capture these two majestic women, making them do chores during the day and sleeping with them during the night should be very fun and interesting.”

Light flashed in Albeda’s eyes, and he nodded and replied as if he had thought of something, “That idea is not bad. The Royal Palace of Anji does need two maids who could do tough chores. If the Queens of Chambord are really that beautiful, they are qualified to serve my lord in the Royal Palace.”

Seeing Albeda accepting his suggestion, Zeman was elated.

A murderous and cold voice suddenly sounded in the sky without any signs, “How dare you offend my lord? You deserve to die!”

Before anyone could react, Moon-Class Elite Zeman’s head exploded like a smashed watermelon. The red and white liquid splashed in all directions, and a powerful master was instantly turned into a fat corpse as it fell toward the ground.

At the same time, several Moon-Class Elites who were closest to Zeman snorted subconsciously as if a huge force also hammered them, and their face reddened immediately. The few Moon-Class Elites who were weaker were shocked, and they screamed in fear as streaks of blood slid down their lips. They quickly unleashed their full force and alertly looked around.

“Don’t move!” The Sun-Class Lord Albeda who was in the center of the group shouted as his face changed color. Then, he waved his hand, and a streak of green lights flashed in front of him. At the same time, an invisible force collided onto the green light, and they both disappeared after a series of crisp noises.

“Who is sneak-attacking us? Show yourself instantly!”

Albeda instantly detected the source of that strange force, and he clawed his right hand and grasped toward one direction in space. A vast amount of energy rushed out of his body, and it tore the space in front of him. About 100 meters away, the space rippled like the surface of a lake that was caressed by the autumn wind. After the ripples disappeared, four figures showed themselves.

Standing in the front, this young man looked to be 13 or 14 years old. He was handsome and looked vigorous. He was wearing a long black robe, and his hands were hidden in his sleeve. Although no energy surges could be sensed from him, and he looked like an ordinary person, his eyes were tightly shut, giving others a strange feeling. Right now, he looked a little angry, and it was clear that the terrifying and strange sneak-attack that seemed like the call of the Grim Reaper came from him.

Behind this young man, there stood a breathtakingly beautiful woman. She had long red hair, and she was wearing silver light armor. Even when Albeda laid eyes on her, he shivered subconsciously and sensed extreme danger.

Beside this red-haired woman was a handsome young priest with strong holy power on him. He had brown hair, and he was in a black church-style robe. Then, there was a handsome and thin young man behind him. He had long black hair, he looked like an elf, but a suffocating pressure came with him.

These four people stood in the sky and sneered, stopping these foreign masters like four tigers in front of a herd of sheep.

“Who are you? Why did you sneak-attack us?” Albeda asked angrily.

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