Chapter 849: Gold Saint of Aries’ First Real Battle (Part One) 

“We are here to kill you!”

The black-robed young man who had his eyes tightly shut was filled with a murderous spirit, and he looked like a sharp sword. There was no warrior energy or magic energy fluctuations on him, but he was able to stand in the air. This was beyond the understanding and imagination of everyone in the area since it seemed boundary-breaking.

As soon as this young man finished speaking, no warrior energy was unleashed, and no fancy magic spells were chanted. However, there was a streak of strange force moving around. It was just as hard to detect as air, and it was extremely dangerous, making the hearts of Albeda’s Moon-Class Elites race.


A familiar explosion sounded.

Red and white brain matter spilled in all direction as if someone stepped into a pond of mud.

O’Henry who was arrogant yet weak followed Flatter Zeman’s steps. Although he was already careful and focused, he wasn’t able to change his fate. As if he couldn’t believe what was happening, a shocked expression appeared on his face, and his head was then exploded like a smashed watermelon as well. Just like Zeman, his cold corpse fell down the sky powerlessly.

Killing seemed like pulling grass to this black-robed young man!

“What is this power? It is terrifying!”

“There is no way that I could prevent this!”

“This force shouldn’t belong to humans! Who is this black-robed young man?”

“It is not magic energy, and it is also not warrior energy. Could it be that this is the power of a god?”

These Moon-Class Elites were confident and couldn’t wait to dash into Chambord City and rob all the treasures a moment ago, but they were all terrified like old hens in front of eagles. They were shocked to their cores, and they backed off like falling tides, creating a long distance between them and these four mysterious masters.

They were all powerful masters who comprehended some laws of nature, and their eyes were sharp; it was hard to surprise them, let alone shock them. However, they saw a type of energy that they had never encountered before today and which was beyond their comprehension, and they were terrified.

“This is… spirit energy!”

As a Sun-Class Lord, Albeda was more knowledgeable, and he gasped and shouted.

He was more powerful than the Moon-Class Elites, and his eyes were sharper. After observing for a while, he finally understood the energy properties of this handsome, black-robed young man.

Spirit energy was a unique energy. It required the practitioner to have a rare talent and great opportunities in life to develop that talent. On top of that, the practitioner had to find a good master who excelled in spirit energy, and the training method was rare as well. Therefore, warrior energy and magic energy were the two dominant energies on the Azeroth Continent, and people rarely learned spirit energy.

Therefore, Albeda was surprised that he ran into someone who practiced spirit energy, and this person had reached Moon-Class with it.

As they talked, changes occurred again.

Moon-Class Elite Oliveira who looked like a mercenary suddenly gasped, and he opened his mouth and spat out a gulp of blood. Then, his face paled, and he staggered as if he were severely injured. Half of his head caved in, and several terrifying holes appeared in his chest. It seemed like he was instantly struck by many forces and was immediately taken out; he could no longer continue to stay in the air.

This Oliveira was also one of the Moon-Class Elites who were saying some over-the-top things.

It was clear that after Zeman and O’Henry, he was the target for the black-robed young man.

Since Albeda had shouted and revealed what this energy was, the Moon-Class Elites were no longer as fearful. However, they were still scared for their lives since they had never fought with someone who possessed such spirit energy which was invisible and didn’t leave any traces.

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