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Hail the King Chapter 849.2

Chapter 849: Gold Saint of Aries’ First Real Battle (Part Two) 

“Who are you? What are you doing? Why are you attacking us? Is there any misunderstanding?”

The powerful strengths that these enemies who appeared out of nowhere made the morale of these arrogant invaders drop, and one of the Moon-Class Elites couldn’t help but ask in his shaky voice.

“Misunderstanding?” The black-robed young man’s eyes were still closed as if he didn’t want to see the ugly faces in front of him. He stated in his cold tone, “I’m Dessler, one of the 12 Gold Saints of Chambord, Gold Saint of Aries. Do you think there is a misunderstanding?”

“Gold Saint?”

“One of them?”

“Those dirty Chambordians?”

“They are really Chambordians. No wonder… could it be that those rumors are true? How is it possible? The King of Chambord really have 12 powerful masters who have unique skills under his command? How… how is this possible?”

The foreign Moon-Class Elites were shocked.

The smarter ones had already realized the seriousness of the situation.

If the masters under the King of Chambord were already this powerful, then their goal of destroying Chambord couldn’t be realized. If they went, their lives would be in mortal danger. Everything in front of them showed that the Chambordians were already aware of what their plan was and were well-prepared. Since the Chambordians dared to ambush them after knowing their strengths, it showed how confident the Chambordians were, and how weak they were in the Chambordians’ eyes.

These people who came with D’Alessandro were all weak-willed individuals. Although they were all Moon-Class Elites, they weren’t that strong mentally. Faced with unexpected danger, they all wanted to retreat.

Sun-Class Lord Albeda had detected the change in the situation, and he knew that he could no longer stay silent and had to stimulate morale. He roared, “Humph! You are just a few clowns! How dare you stop us? Even if that despicable and shameless King of Chambord were in front of me today, he couldn’t leave here alive! Although spirit energy is strange, it is only a dirty power that was washed away by time. How powerful can it be? I will kill you first and then slaughter those other 11 damn Gold Saints!”

After shouting, streaks of green light beams rushed out of his body like rapid-growing vines, and they shot toward black-robed Dessler as a green wave, trying to capture the latter.

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Bam! Bam! Bam!

A series of explosions sounded.

Gold Saint Dessler of Aries frowned, and invisible walls suddenly appeared as if space were frozen. However, these walls weren’t able to block the green vine-line light beams and were all shattered. Then, the green light beams continued to rush toward Dessler.

Dessler’s body shivered, and his brows furrowed even more. Waves of invisible spirit energy rushed out of his body and forced many spirit energy barriers.

He was a young man on the [Blood Crime] Island which was located in the [Sea of Fragrance], and he was the descendant of a hero. He lost the honor of his family and his loved ones, but he got saved by Fei at the critical moment, and the king taught him the spirit energy techniques, turning him from a weak young man into a Moon-Class Elite.

From Dessler’s perspective, Fei had completely changed his fate, and he saw the king as a fatherly figure who he would protect even if he might die. Therefore, after hearing the offensive comments that these Moon-Class Elites made toward Chambord, he got murderous and killed Zeman and O’Henry before crippling Oliveira, shocking the enemies.

This was the first real battle that Dessler got involved in since he became proficient with the spirit energy.

He was only a level 7 mid-tier New Moon Elite, but he defeated three masters consecutively, thoroughly demonstrating the strangeness and power of the spirit energy. His title as one of the Gold Saints was well-deserved, and he could rival famous warriors of Chambord such as Pierce, Drogba, and Lampard.

However, even though the spirit energy was unique, his realm was far from the Sun-Class. The vein-like green light beams continued to shatter his spirit energy walls, and the sharp tips of the green vines were almost touching Dessler’s forehead.

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