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Hail the King Chapter 85

Chapter 85: God’s Favorite Children

The scene of Luciano kneeling down and begging for his life shocked the residents of Chambord.

The crowd on both sides of the street felt like they were having a bizarre dream. What a horrifying noun, and what a supreme monster the Holy Church was. Even the life of the Holy Church’s guard dog was more precious than a noble from a kingdom. Now however, the arrogant Holy Knight Mr. Luciano was shivering, kneeling and begging King Alexander for forgiveness…… what was going on?

While the residents were confused, something crazier occurred –

The evil and vicious [Two Legged Rattlesnake] Priest Zola panicked as he crouched down and crawled towards Fei. With a humble attitude the people of Chambord had never seen before, he kissed Fei’s boots passionately and said in a shaky voice, “Honorable Master, humble Zola begs for your generous forgiveness…… We didn’t know of your honorable identity in advance. We are truly guilty. Please forgive us two lowly wretches!”

Hundreds of cavaliers’ retinues and novice priests were shocked. They looked at each other in unison as their bosses suddenly lost all their pride and prestige and kneeled down begging for forgiveness. After a few seconds of hesitation, they all copied Zola and Luciano’s action and knelt down as well; they didn’t even dare to breathe too heavily.

Although these people were at the bottom of the Holy Church’s hierarchy and the majority of them didn’t know what the golden [Battle Ring] that appeared on the young king meant, they had followed and served Zola and Luciano for a while. They all had high EQs and were good at observing situations. From their two bosses’ expressions, they at the very least knew that they had kicked on an iron plate and messed with someone that they shouldn’t have messed with.

“Please forgive us, master!” Hundreds of people knelt down and begged.

“Master? Ha, tell me, who’s master am I?”

Fei said to the Holy Church crowd with a faint smile on his face.

“Master…….you……Oh, right right right, you aren’t……Ah, no, I mean……I……I……I……”

Despite Zola having the brains to come up with thousands of conspiracies, at this key point, he was stuttering and couldn’t put a sentence together.

He had only heard of the Holy Knights who had a golden [Battle Ring] in legends and tales, let alone a Holy knight that had a double golden [Battle Rings]. He had the chance to go to a Church’s party at St. Petersburg for senior priests and overheard Sergievsky, the Bishop for Zenit Empire mention stories about these [God’s Favorite Children] who had golden [Battle Rings] – These [God’s Favorite Children] were all secret characters that most people didn’t know about. Before they were formally appointed to powerful positions at the Holy Church, they would be appointed by the Pope to execute some secret missions or go on unknown journeys to gain more experience. Their identities were all hidden, and their statuses were highly respected by everyone at the Holy Church. They had enormous opportunities to become candidates for the position of Pope; the most incompetent ones would become Bishops for the huge empires and take control of the church in a region. The future and potential of Zola who was only a representative for the church in a small level 6 affiliated kingdom that belonged to a level 1 empire couldn’t even be compared with these people, so how could Zola not be scared?

Zola felt like he was in a freezer; he could feel the chill in his bones. He didn’t expect to meet someone on that level and leave a bad first impression. He wanted to flatter Fei a little bit to make up for what he had done, but once he thought that Fei might be executing some kind of secret mission under the Pope’s instruction, he didn’t dare to call out Fei’s “True Identity”…… “Damn it! Should I address Alexander by ‘master’ or pretend that I don’t know him?”

Zola had lost his cool.

Fei on the other hand had roughly guessed what was happening after seeing all the church people kneeling down and shivering. The reason he switched from his Level 20 Barbarian Mode to the Level 12 Paladin Mode was because he wanted to cheat a little with the Paladin’s Aura, but he didn’t expect it to have such a significant effect.

“You, stand up and apologize to the woman you injured.”

Fei was afraid that saying anymore might raise suspicion. He pretended to be mysterious and change the conversation back to the previous topic. He pointed at the Knight Luciano and said coldly.

“Yes, yes, yes……”

Luciano felt relieved after he heard that.

He and Zola passionately crawled and rushed to the woman who was waking up  as if she was their mother. Luciano helped the woman sit up and Zola, who wanted to cleanse the impression Fei had of him used everything he had and was barely able to cast a high level spell that required a ton of mental effort [Heal]. A milky white light bloomed in his hand and shrouded the whip wounds on the woman’s back. After the miraculous effect appeared, the horrifying wounds soon disappeared under the illumination of the white light.

Fei’s pupil slightly contracted after seeing that.

Holy Church’s holy [Healing] spell had similar effects compared to 【Healing Potions】from the Diablo World, but it had its own mystical and unique sides. It looked like the Holy Church had an unfathomable foundation and background which allowed it to be the monster and dominate the Azeroth Continent.

“You were brave enough to try to harm Angela. You deserve to be killed thousands of times!” Fei said in a bloody tone as he stared at Zola coldly.

“Forgive me, your majesty, please forgive me. I was being really dumb, I won’t do it ever again……” After hearing Fei bringing that up, Zola kneeled in front of Fei’s feet again as he trembled. He started to snivel and begged, “Your majesty, I know my mistake. From now on, Zola will always fulfill your orders and listen to whatever you say!”

This poisonous snake was scared to death.

Fei backed off a few steps in disgust. He knew that at this point, neither his own personal power or Chambord’s strength could challenge the huge Holy Church; the difference in strength between the two was gigantic, like comparing a speck of dust to the sun. Therefore, he couldn’t be too impulsive. He had handled most of the problems, so he decided to take care of the remaining accounts with the two bums in the future. He waved his hand and said, “Nevermind, I won’t hold you guys accountable anymore on the fact that this was your first time. However, be careful how you behave in Chambord. If you dare offend or annoy me one more time, don’t say that I’m ruthless.”


Zola was so relieved that he almost cried.

He was glad that this “Master” was magnanimous enough to forgive them. Just with Fei’s status alone in the Holy Church, even if he ended up killing both of them, Bishop Sergievsky would say that they were guilty. As long as he could extinguish “this master’s” anger, Zola was confident with his numerous methods to make “this powerful man” happy. “As long as I can tie myself together with this promising man……tut – tut.” Zola was secretly laughing every time he thought of it. He definitely believed that this was a rare and golden opportunity that he should take advantage of it.

“Alright, I don’t want to see you guys anymore. Send someone to take the injured people home and compensate them…… Get away from me, now!” Fei waved his hand as if he was expelling some flies; his impatience was obvious.

“Alright, ok, ok……”

Zola and Luciano nodded obediently and turned around to order the retinues and novice priests, “You guys, quickly help these injured children of God get home…… Oh, you guys are too rough, compensate every household with 10 gold coins…… Oh, no, compensate them with 20 gold coins!”

After seeing that some injured people were slightly immobilized, Zola squinted his eyes and immediately ordered, “Use my carriage…… Use my carriage to take them back, don’t let them suffer any more pain.”

The novice priests were shocked and stared at Zola in surprise. They thought that they had heard it wrong. Zola spent a lot of resources on picking up this carriage and he was reluctant to use it regularly. Was he going to use this magic carriage to take these dirty low class people home?

“What are you guys still standing here for? Go and do it, idiots!”

Zola shouted at the novice priests, and then turned around and asked, “Your majesty, what do you think? Are you satisfied?”

20 gold coins was the average annual income for a household in Chambord. Most of the injured residents were only lightly wounded by the retinues and novice priests. The only severely injured one was the woman who was whipped, but she was now fully recovered and also compensated 100 gold coins. Zola and Luciano miscalculated everything and were now disgraced, losing money.

Fei’s inner rage dissipated a little at this point. He nodded and waved, “Alright, now get out of my sight!”

His attitude was extremely impatient.

Zola and Luciano didn’t get mad at all. Instead, they felt like that was the proper manner that a [God’s Favorite Child] should have. They nodded submissively, apologized again and left with the retinues and novice priests.

After seeing the vicious church personnel leave embarrassingly, Chambord’s residents on both sides of the street felt like they had just woken up from a dream. The just and kind King Alexander protected them and surprised everyone again. Applause and cheers were as loud as thunder……

The beautiful Angela and Emma stood in the excited crowd. They stared at Fei with fascination and passion.

Lampard turned around and left quietly the loud cheers.

Fei on the other hand stared at the carriage fleet which was slowly moving away. When they were passing by Fei, he saw a handsome blonde young man who looked slightly sick through the window at the back of the magic carriage. The pair of crystal blue, ocean-like eyes gave Fei an indescribable strange feeling.

“Who is he?”

For some reason, Fei was suddenly full of curiosity towards that young man.

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