Chapter 850: These Are the Master of Chambord (Part One)

Dessler unleashed all his spirit energy without holding back, and ripples appeared in the sky like blooming flowers. However, he couldn’t block these green, vine-like light beams.

“Humph! Ant-like wastrel! Die!” A vicious expression appeared on Albeda’s face.

He was planning to instantly kill this master of Chambord to raise the morale of the people on his side.

The Moon-Class Elites on his side saw this, and they couldn’t help but feel thrilled.


At this moment, a blue arrow dashed through the sky.

The temperature in the area dropped drastically, and frost appeared out of nowhere. Soon, a series of cracking noises sounded, and snowflakes were condensed from the moist air. Before the snowflakes could fall down from the sky, they were packed together and turned into ice blocks before flying downward like meteors.

Those invincible green, vein-like light beams were broken in this terrifying coldness.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Like poisonous snakes that were chopped into pieces, these light beams were somehow frozen and broke into bits, losing the energy contained in them instantly.

However, that blue arrow was still full of energy, and it dashed toward Albeda quickly, instantly piercing the right shoulder of this Sun-Class Lord.

Bam! The blood and shattered flesh flew out of Albeda’s right shoulder as a blood arrow.

“Ah… you…” Albeda screamed in fear; he sensed death from this arrow.

If he didn’t unleash his full force and tried to dodge with everything he got, his throat would have been penetrated.

It was a terrifying arrow.

As a Sun-Class Lord, no ordinary arrows could ever threaten him, and no archery skills could harm him. However, that blue arrow was something else. On top of the extreme chilliness, it also contained laws of nature. A magnificent force locked onto Albeda, and he would be a corpse right now if that deadly sensation didn’t stimulate his potential and force him to dodge at the most critical moment.

Even though Sun-Class Lords had strong vitality, if this arrow pierced their vital parts, they couldn’t escape death.

Although Albeda had dodged in time and escaped death, his right shoulder was still injured, and a streak of terrifying chilly energy rushed into his energy channels. The faint-blue frost energy traveled down his arm and froze it off, and his magic armor shattered under the extreme coldness and fell off like dry tree bark.

“You… this woman is also a Sun-Class Lord?!”

After sensing the number of laws of nature contained in the chilly energy, Albeda stared at that beautiful woman in shock. He sensed danger from this woman whose long red hair was tied into a ponytail and was wearing red armor, but he didn’t want to believe it. It turned out that his intuition was correct, and this woman was a Sun-Class Lord.

“It is going to be troublesome today…” Albeda thought to himself.

However, the response to Albeda was another arrow, a red arrow!

Fire arrow!

No one expected this beautiful woman to master two types of magic energy, fire and ice.

In an instant, the chilly energy in the air disappeared, and those ice blocks that had just condensed and hadn’t fall from the sky were sublimated into white mist. Then, terrifying heat waves rushed toward Albeda as if a new sun appeared in front of him, and the Moon-Class Elite felt the hair on their bodies drying and curling up.

The drastic shift from cold to hot dealt a lot of damage.

Oliveira who was already severely injured by Dessler’s spirit energy had healed a little and was trying to hold up, but he screamed and fell from the sky like a broken kite when the drastic shift in temperature occurred.

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