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Hail the King Chapter 850.2

Chapter 850: These Are the Master of Chambord (Part Two)

Sun-Class Lord Albeda also screamed as a stunned expression appeared on his face. Without daring to hold back, he unleashed his warrior energy, and the green light coming from his body enveloped half of the sky.

He cultivated wood-elemental warrior energy, and that allowed him to have strong vitality and faster recovery speed. As a series of crackling noises sounded, the faint-blue chilly energy in his right shoulder quickly disappeared under the envelopment of the green light, and then meat sprouts grew out of his right shoulder and quickly created new bones, flesh, and skin as if they had lives of their own.

In just a few seconds, a new arm grew out, and Albeda recovered.

Sun-Class Lords had comprehended the laws of nature, and they had supernatural abilities. Their bones, flesh, and internal organs had been refined many times and were much more powerful than normal, which meant that they were capable of rebirth. Especially for wood-elemental masters, they had stronger vitality and faster recovery speed compared to other Sun-Class Lords, and it wasn’t hard to regrow a body part in a short time.

After recovering, Albeda quickly started to move around like crazy. He continued to travel through space and teleporting in a short distance using the laws of nature to dodge that terrifying fire arrow. The incredible amount of heat and tearing force in the arrow shocked him, and he didn’t dare to take it head-on.

A surprising and spectacular battle occurred.

That beautiful woman stood where she was and pulled on her bow, shooting out arrows that had various elemental-attributes with a calm expression. She was following a mystic rhythm, and the arrows flew out with a well-measured tempo. With powerful energy contained in them, the arrows drew many strange arcs in the sky and dashed toward Albeda.

This Sun-Class Lord from the Anji Empire roared continuously and tried to escape from the aim of the arrows, but he never succeeded.

“Kill them! His Majesty has ordered it! Don’t let any one of them leave!”

The handsome, elf-like young man who had long black hair and was standing in afar in silence suddenly spoke. As he opened his hand, a strangely-shaped black dagger appeared on his palm. In the next moment, he disappeared without a sign as if he dissolved into the air. Not even a trace of aura was left, and it felt like this young man was never here.

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Assassination skill!

“Be careful! This young man is an assassin! He might be one of the terrifying assassins in the [Four Spikes] under the King of Chambord’s command…” Silver-Haired Master who was worried from the beginning shouted to warn his peers.

Unfortunately, his warning came a bit late.

As soon as this elf-like black-clothed young man disappeared, a streak of blood appeared in the crowd of foreign Moon-Class Elites.

A bearded Moon-Class Elite who was in his forties put his hands around his throat and let out a series of low roars like an animal that got its throat severed. While he struggled, grey light of desperation appeared in his eyes.

Before he could realize what was going on, he was severely injured.

The recovery ability of Moon-Class Elites was far inferior to Sun-Class Lords, and they couldn’t instantly regrow flesh and bones. Since the throat is a vital part of the human body, this man was dead for sure if he didn’t have godly herbs or get magic treatment.

“Quickly save him!” someone screamed like a madman.

However, the life harvester in the dark wouldn’t give them that opportunity.

A black shadow suddenly flashed by, and a bloody wound appeared on this Moon-Class Elite’s chest.

Bam! A bloody big hole appeared, and his heart exploded. Such a fatal injury made him feel desperate, and there was no way back for him.

The warm corpse fell toward the ground with blood gushing out of the wound.

“Hahaha! No one can escape from the harvest of the [Touch of Hell]! There are only souls under my blade! No mercy will be shown!” That elf-like young man’s voice echoed in the sky.

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