Chapter 851: Attack Together (Part One)

This elf-like, handsome young man with the long black hair was Philip Inzagi whom Fei saved at the poor neighborhood in Hot Spring Gate. He was Fei’s No.1 Disciple, and he had the innate ability of stealth and hiding in space.

Like a gust of black smoke and a streak of black lightning, he dashed between people faster than the speed of light. Wherever he went, terrified screams sounded, and blood spilled. The foreign Moon-Class Elites continued to shout and back off, but more and more fatal injuries appeared on their bodies.

“He is there…”

“Don’t be scared! Surround him! As long as an assassin reveals his trace, he will be as fragile as a fox that is trapped inside a net, no longer posing a threat. Guys, don’t worry! Let’s move up and kill him!”

“Let’s attack together with full force!”

Various colors of warrior energy and magic energy flashed in the air. After the initial panic, the Moon-Class Elites calmed down and started to counterattack since they had the numbers advantage.

These people were powerful masters after all. Although their characters and virtues were lacking, they were Moon-Class Elites with some combat experience.

In the crowd, the mages chanted spells loudly. The mystical magic energy spread, the air gradually became as thick as the swamp. This was the result of a combination of spells such as swamp spell, sticky spell, weight spell, and spatial imprisonment spell.

Like raindrops in a massive storm, all these spells dashed toward that black, lightning-like figure who was flashing around.

This black figure’s speed was significantly reduced, looking like a snail that fell into a swamp.

“Hahaha! We got him! Let’s attack together and destroy him!”

As they laughed crazily, the warriors used their ultimate techniques, and streaks of terrifying energy attacked forward mercilessly. These were all area-of-effect strikes, and they didn’t need to accurately hit the target to do damage.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the next moment, all the various colored energies collided from all directions, creating a series of chain explosions. The violent energy surge forced the space to ripple, and the energy waves instantly filled the area of several hundred meters in radius.


“With this level of power, this Chambordian is dead for sure!”

Seeing that their attacks were successful, the Moon-Class Elites cheered and rallied themselves.

“The enemies aren’t as powerful as we thought, and the Chambordians aren’t monsters that can’t be killed. Right now, there are only four of them, and they are at a big numbers disadvantage,” the Moon-Class Elites thought to themselves, and they felt like the situation was a lot better than they had imagined.

With the skyrocketing confidence, the Moon-Class Elite looked at the other masters of Chambord with hostility and murderous spirits.

“Hahaha! The Chambordians are just average! Haha! Guys, don’t be afraid! Let’s move together and kill them! Mr. D’Alessandro is going to reward us!” Some people started to hype themselves up, and all of them had wicked smiles on their faces.

At this moment, the handsome priest with the short brown hair who was standing with the other three surviving masters of Chambord looked at them in pity as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

While standing still in the sky, he looked at these Moon-Class Elites as if he were looking at a bunch of morons.

In the next moment, changes occurred again.

The Moon-Class Elite who started hyping everyone up in the crowd fell silent. As a terrified expression appeared on his face, a streak of black light flashed by, and he felt cold sensations spreading in his throat and his heart. Then, all the energy in his body started to rush out like the water in the opened reservoir, and nothing was able to stop it.

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