Chapter 852: Argument in the Imperial Military Headquarters (Part One)

In addition, Jessie was a priest, and he also represented the entire Holy Church. This organization was a force was like a mammoth that no one dared to slight.

Most of these Moon-Class Elites were all independent masters. Although they couldn’t understand why such a powerful priest was a member of Chambord, they didn’t dare to go against the Holy Church no matter what! In fact, they didn’t even dare to fight back!

Under fear, their morale tanked!

After the masters of Chambord mercilessly killed the few Moon-Class Elite who were fighting back, this group of people who were put together temporarily finally collapsed; it was unavoidable.

Like homeless dogs, they ran in all directions and tried to flee.

This was a tragic scene.

If they were able to concentrate and gather together with a good leader, they might be able to put up a fight with their numbers advantage. Unfortunately, as soon as the first person fled, everyone else could no longer unify and defend themselves.

The dozen-or-so Moon-Class Elites who had survived this far all turned into dashes of light, and they ran in all directions.

Jessie, Dessler, and Inzagi were in a completely advantageous position, but it was impossible for them to kill all the invaders. After all, they were only three people, and they couldn’t clone themselves!

“Never mind, we don’t need to chase.”

Inzagi stopped moving and looked at the few Moon-Class Elites who already flew far away in the sky. He laughed, “We can let these cowards live, and they will spread the news about how powerful Chambord is. Then, fewer idiots will try to come and bully us! Although we aren’t afraid, it is annoying to deal with them all the time!”

Dessler nodded lightly and stopped as well; it was clear that he agreed with Inzagi’s words.

A smile appeared on Jessie’s face, and this handsome young priest said, “I hope the gods will forgive me for my sins. I really don’t want to kill them.”

Both Inzagi and Dessler were at a loss for words, and they thought to themselves, “Didn’t this priest who said that he likes peace kill the most people? He waved his hand and killed several Moon-Class Elites! He has the face to say that he doesn’t want to kill?”

After spending time together, people were able to tell that this young priest looked gentle but was stubborn as hell in battle. Once he decided on something, even nine dragons couldn’t pull him back.

Right now, shocking explosions sounded in the high sky where strong wind existed.

With his eyes tightly closed, Dessler raised his head slightly and ‘looked at’ the battle in the high sky, and he said in hesitation, “Should we move together and help Elena Her Highness?”

Priest Jessie couldn’t help but smile.

On the other hand, Inzagi patiently explained the situation to this peer who joined Chambord not long ago, “Don’t worry. That Albeda from the Anji Empire is only a Sun-Class Lord in the Morning Sun Realm, and his realm isn’t stable. Queen Elena advanced to the Sun-Class Realm a long time ago, and she is probably above the Morning Sun Realm and is at the Rising Sun Realm. You might not know, but Elena Her Highness is a talented warrior, and she is only weaker than Alexander His Majesty in Chambord. She is the No.2 Master of Chambord, and Albeda is no match for her!”

As soon as he said this, a blood rain poured down the sky.

Then, the explosions that were created by the colliding green light and fire and ice energies suddenly disappeared.

As a bright red light flashed by, the three young men felt like their visions blurred for a moment. Valkyrie Elena in red armor appeared in front of the three young men with Sun-Class Lord Albeda in her hand. This man still had a few breaths in him, but he had fainted already!

Elena’s strength was even beyond Inzagi’s most optimistic estimation. When facing this experienced and talented Valkyrie, Albeda wasn’t even able to use his Sun-Class Anomaly. If she didn’t want to capture him alive, she would be able to kill this opponent who was in the Morning Sun Realm with less than ten arrows!

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