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Hail the King Chapter 853.1

Chapter 853: Elder Prince Arshavin’s Decision (Part One)

[TL Note: Hey guys, this chapter is a three-parter.]

Andrew Semak’s suggestion was backed by many influential figures in the Imperial Military Headquarters.

Most of them were old nobles who lost their sharpness and pride. The comfortable living and the passage of time put rust on their weapons, and their bodies and souls were also corroded.

The officials who were supporting Fei were mostly young men who weren’t willing to submit. They wanted an opportunity to perform their duties, and they were fearless and admired heroes. However, they were at a real numbers disadvantage, and their positions were a lot lower.  Even though they were in this meeting, they didn’t really have a say in this as they lacked influence.

“Zenit is a level 1 empire with one million soldiers. Back in the day, Emperor Yassin was able to battle and expand the territory of the empire in that disadvantageous situation, being both dominating and invincible. Almost all of you were generals under His Majesty who were fearless and ferocious on the battlefields, but why are you so weak and powerless today? Where is your former glory and courage?” A young military officer who was sitting at the back of the meeting room slammed the table and questioned in a rage with a red face.

His name was Gary Cahill, and he was recently promoted to be a legion commander after his outstanding performance during the defense battle of St. Petersburg and the military merits that he gained. He had a poor background, and he climbed to where he was today through accumulating military merits bit by bit. In fact, he was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to listen in during the meetings at the Imperial Military Headquarters.

During that defense battle, Gary Cahill was able to battle alongside Fei, and he got the chance to observe the strong presence of the Imperial Martial Saint. Just like many low-level soldiers and military officers, he truly admired the King of Chambord, and he firmly supported the new Imperial Martial Saint. He didn’t believe in the rumors that said the King of Chambord colluded with the Sea Tribe.

As soon as Cahill stood up and voiced his opposition, the other young military officers also followed him and chimed in.

“Legend Commander Cahill is right! If we submit to an arrogant b*stard, the entire Zenit Empire will become the laughingstock of Azeroth!”

“Regardless, Mr. Marital Saint has gone against the current and saved Zenit when the empire was in dire danger. Now, you are trying to ditch such a figure without hesitation? The citizens of Zenit will be ashamed of you!”

“The King of Chambord is the pride and honor of Zenit, and he represents Zenit’s future. You are choosing to ditch a Sun-Class Lord who is less than 20 years old? This is treason!”

“Before I came here, all the military officers who are above the level of Team Commander signed the petition to protect the Imperial Martial Saint. We are willing to fight and battle for the honor of the Zenit Empire and the Imperial Martial Saint! We won’t regret it even if we die!”

The young military officers were all angry and humiliated by what was happening.

At this moment, they still dared to hold up their beliefs and state their case in front of these

top-tier officials who were many levels higher than them. It could be said that they possessed the real virtues of being soldiers and defended the honor of the military.

In front of these accusations and questions that pretty much tore off all disguises, the top-tier officials who were on the side of submitting, led by Andrew Semak, had varied reactions. Although their expressions all changed, some of them lowered their heads, some of them felt guilty, and some of them were enraged.

Like a beast that got its partner taken away during mating, Semak stood up in anger and shouted, “Shut up! What do you know? If we don’t ditch the King of Chambord, the entirety of Zenit is going to suffer greatly! Ditching one to save millions! What is wrong with that?”

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  1. “Regardless, Mr. Marital Saint has gone against the current and saved Zenit when the empire was in dire danger.”

    Saving through marriage.

    I also thing that just before it was Legion comander instead of legend comander.

  2. >Gary Cahill
    Really now… what is with all of these football references. They are just everywhere.

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