Chapter 854: That Person (Part One)

Unfortunately, the murderous soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] didn’t show them any mercy.

A few muscular soldiers who were in black armor that seemed to still have blood stains on them charged in and grabbed these two screaming nobles without holding back. Then, they turned around and dragged the nobles out of the room. Diarra and Semak shouted crazily and called Arshavin names, and the soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] smashed their mouths with weapons mercilessly. Now that their mouths were crushed, blood gushed out immediately, and their angry roars turned into deep and muffled whines.

In less than half a minute, two shrieks sounded from the outside.

Then, a military officer of [Iron Blood Legion] quickly walked in with two heads that still had hot blood dripping down. After he glanced around at the top-tier officials of the Imperial Military Headquarters, he snorted and threw the two heads on the ground. As blood splashed, their facial features could still be seen, and it was clear that they were Andrew Semak and Diarra who were dragged out.

“They were really killed!” people thought to themselves as the extreme visual shock made all of them dizzy.

These two were old nobles who had high status and many connections in Zenit! Without the interrogation of the Imperial Knight Palace and the decision of Emperor Yassin, they were killed on the spot! In others’ minds, Elder Prince Arshavin rushed this and was too violent.

Almost everyone in the meeting room lowered their heads in fear, and they didn’t dare to look at the prince who was sitting at the head of the table.

While sitting on his chair with his arms and legs stretched, Arshavin kept quiet with his right hand on his saber. His expression was still cold, and he didn’t even look at the two heads on the ground. Right now, no one knew what he was thinking about.

Some people tried to back out of the meeting room quietly, but they were stopped by the murderous soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion].

Quite a few of the nobles in the meeting room were warriors. They had followed Emperor Yassin and battled in wars, meaning that they had impressive strength. Unfortunately, years of comfortable living and lack of training weakened them to the maximum. Even though they were stronger than ordinary soldiers, they were no match for masters of [Iron Blood Legion]. Besides, Elder Prince Arshavin was already a Seven-Star Warrior, and he was the most powerful person in the room. No one could match him, and no one dared to make the wrong move.

Soon, dozens of military secretaries carefully walked in under the protection of a big team of soldiers in black uniform armor. Then, many letters and documents were moved in, piling into a small mountain.

Right now, the entire building was completely sealed, and a military secretary picked up a document and started to read it in his shaky voice.

These documents were all the letters that the nobles inside St. Petersburg were sending and receiving in the last while, but the content of these letters was shocking. Faced with danger, some people decided to communicate with enemies and submit before Zenit decided on what to do. In fact, most of these letters were between the nobles and the Anji Empire, the new dominating force in the Northern Region of Azeroth.

The people with fast information networks knew that the Anji Empire had a good relationship with D’Alessandro, and they even sent a Sun-Class Lord to come to Zenit with D’Alessandro.

In these letters, the Anji Empire promised the nobles that as long as they were willing to surrender and join Anji, they could still maintain their status and enjoy their lives even if D’Alessandro destroyed Zenit in rage.

Bam! Bam!

As the military secretaries read the letters one by one without skipping a line, some people in the room were terrified. Their legs turned to jelly, and their face paled. They were so afraid that they couldn’t get a word out.

The ferocious and beast-like soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] charged in, and the nobles whose names were called were pulled out and executed regardless of what status they had.

“No! Even if we committed crimes, it should be the Imperial Knight Palace that interrogates us, and the final verdict should come from the Imperial Senate and Emperor Yassin! Although you are a prince, you don’t have the power to kill nobles!”

“Forgive us! Elder Prince! We are being framed! Framed! You know that my family and I have always been standing by your side! We are your loyal servants…”

“You are stepping over the line! This is treason! Emperor Yassin would never allow this! Do you want to launch a rebellion?”

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