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Hail the King Chapter 856.1

Chapter 856: Viciousness (Part One)

-The Main Palace of the Imperial Senate-

The outer defense walls were made from stone, and they were about four meters tall, protecting the Imperial Senate from all directions. This place was like an independent fortress on its own. Since the two princes kept the secret well, the Imperial Senate didn’t detect anything.

When the soldiers rushed over, they left a lot of dead bodies and closed the gate with the remaining forces after the initial panic. Since the defense mechanisms of the Imperial Senate were well kept, even though the Imperial Senate lost the majority of its armed forces, they still somehow managed to keep the fortress unconquered.

“How bold! How dare you attack and siege the Imperial Senate? Do you want to commit treason?” A noble in his fancy robe stood on top of a platform inside the fortress and questioned arrogantly and angrily.


The bowstring vibration was the reply to his question.

An arrow flew out of a strong crossbow, and it instantly pierced this noble’s throat and killed him immediately.

Without saying a word, the soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] and Imperial Patrol started to siege this fortress aggressively.

After these days of accumulation, the grudge between the military and the Imperial Senate had reached a boiling point since the soldiers hated the Imperial Senate for being so timid and making so many agreements that were shameful and in these corrupt nobles’ self-interest. Since the Imperial Senate had control over some legions and armed forces, it was critical to take out the corrupt nobles who were in control of the Imperial Senate. Otherwise, if news of this operation were to be leaked before the corrupt nobles could be killed, the commanders who had secretly conspired with these nobles might launch a full-scale uprising, and the situation would get out of hand.

For a moment, shouts resonated in the sky.

The fortress that the Imperial Senate was in seemed like a little boat on the ocean during a storm, looking like it was going to flip over at any time.

“They are rebelling! They are rebelling! They dare to siege the Imperial Senate! These damn traitors! These soldiers should all be hung, including their families!”

“Why is this happening? Why is this happening?”

“What should we do? We can’t keep this up! We can’t defend any longer!”

Inside the fortress, the noble members of the Imperial Senate who were usually arrogant now looked depressed and terrified. Their legs turned to jelly, and their faces paled as they were extremely anxious.

“Shut up! Why are you shouting? Damn it! They are from [Iron Blood Legion] and the Imperial Patrol! How is this happening? These two idiots, Arshavin and Dominguez, are working together? Damn it! They dare to start a military riot?”

A gloomy senior who had grey hair that was combed to the back of his head and an aquiline nose stood at a high ground and looked at the soldiers who were charging forward like a flood, and a cold smile appeared on his wrinkly face.

“Mr. President, what should we do? The defense wall is short, and it could only block them for a little while. Soon, these soldiers will barge in! We are underprepared; we only have fewer than 2,000 soldiers with us. We must be decisive!” Six nobles who were also wearing fancy robes stood beside the President of the Imperial Senate. They were usually arrogant and gloomy, but they were panicking now.

“Hehehe, Dominguez and Arshavin, these two damn kids want to get rid of us once for all. Then, they can’t blame us. These are only ordinary soldiers; what can they do? Don’t forget, we Imperial Senate have three Moon-Class Elites as our guardians. It will be effortless for them to take us out of here!”

The President of the Imperial Senate looked at ease, and he wasn’t worried.

Hearing his words, the other nobles finally heaved sighs of relief. That’s right! They had three Moon-Class Elites on their side, and one of them was an old monster who was famous in St. Petersburg. Ordinary soldiers couldn’t do anything to them.

Seeing the tragic and one-sided battle that was happening below them, the President of the Imperial Senate thought for a bit and said while gritting his teeth, “However, it would be too easy for these two damn kids if we leave like that.”

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  1. Bbg55

    Wait what? Didn’t Saint Petersburg have walls that were hundrerds of meters tall, and now there’s a very important facility with walls that are only four meters?

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