Chapter 859: The Golden Sun Knight (Part Two)

Sutton’s dragon lance penetrated the throat of Moon-Class Elite Montoya who was a bit weaker, and the latter lost his life. The sharp metal-elemental warrior energy ran loose inside his body, and the sword energies dashed in all directions and turned his body into a cloud of blood mist.

Old Monster Stoch had a lot of injuries on his body. After Fei struck him a while ago, he was severely injured, and he hadn’t recovered yet. Right now, he only had less than 50% of his strength back.

Facing the aggressive Sutton, he sensed the threat of death. For a moment, many memories flashed in his mind, and all the bad things he did and crimes he committed reappeared in his head. Also, the faces of people whom he tortured and killed jumped out before his eyes one by one.

That split second of distraction allowed Sutton’s dragon lance to penetrate this old monster’s heart.

With blood gushing out of his mouth, this old monster retreated in a flash with a strange smile. He laughed crazily, “I dominated the region in my lifetime, and I have killed a lot of people. I don’t regret anything! If the King of Chambord didn’t injure me so severely, how can you battle me? Haha! Even if I have to die, how can I die in the hands of a weak junior like you? Hahaha! Only I can determine my fate!”

As soon as he said that, an explosion sounded in the sky. Flames appeared in the air, indicating that the old monster had self-detonated.

Sutton slowly put away his dragon lance and waved his hand at the ground. A huge force sucked up Luffy who still didn’t get enough battle, and they turned into a dash of golden light and disappeared towards the Martial Saint Mountain as tens of thousands of soldiers cheered.

After this battle, the corrupt nobles’ most prominent force inside St. Petersburg was pulled out along with its roots.

Soldiers started to clean up the battlefield orderly and steadily.

-At the top floor of a tall pavilion further away-

[Demonic Woman] Paris saw this scene, and she heaved a sigh of relief as a relaxed smile appeared on her face. Right now, her red armor was stained by blood, and blood was still dripping down the blade of her double-handed sword.

Tonight was the night of bleeding, and unimaginable battles were taking place all over St. Petersburg.

In the dark, the corrupt nobles who knew they were facing death didn’t surrender and give up. Instead, they chose to fight back and counterattack. They revealed all the strength that they had been hiding, and both sides used their trump cards. The casualties were high, and even Paris joined a battle and fought personally, which was rare to see.

Fortunately, the two princes coordinated well and kept all the secrets hidden. The nobles didn’t get any warning signs, and they were surprised by the sudden siege. They were surrounded and taken down one by one as they didn’t have time to coordinate their defense with each other.

It was midnight, and the sunrise was less than six hours away. By now, this unexpected cleaning operation was completed.

The first step to the grand plan was executed properly!

However, the Zenit Empire was still in a critical situation, and it didn’t get turned around because of this.

Before the sunrise, the most terrifying enemy that Zenit had ever faced was going to arrive. D’Alessandro, the No.2 Disciple of the Continental Martial Saint, was coming, and it was hard to imagine how the giant bear of the north was going to survive through this crisis without a powerful master who could match this arrogant young man.

Various signal flames were shot into the dark sky, creating a series of beautiful yet strange images.

This meant that the operation was over.

Then, intense and busy cleanup and preparation were about to start.

“Let’s go.” Paris looked at the flames in the sky and said with a relaxed expression.

“Let’s go.”

Beside this [Demonic Woman], a silent and mysterious person stood in the dark in a cloak.

As if his body merged with space, he was standing there, but others felt like that place was empty. It was clear that his strength was on another level.

Quickly, the two of them flashed and disappeared from this building.

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